Friday, May 25, 2012

14 days and counting...

 I've been meaning to post for quite some time now. But I can't seem to get back into the routine or even find something to talk about. Now there are other bloggers that are around me having their last day of school and it is making me try to count faster. Although I am looking forward to the last day of school with a passion because this year has been tough, I am also wondering what next year is going to look like. Will I still be in my same grade level? Will my team even be together? What will our administration look like? What will the kids look like next year? On my sheet of wishlist for grade levels for next year I did put kindergarten but I also slipped in first grade. If it had to be that way I could move up with my class but I would be nervous about it being a testing grade as I have never had to give testing strategies to my students before. I have always been preschool or kindergarten.
 But I am will not dwell on that now. I need to finish the 14 days of school, making sure to teach graphing and review all the math sols that students have learned this year. Anyone have any "great" way they review all their standards at the end of the year? I always thinking about a cram session I used to have in college. And for those of you who are still like me, still have a few more days of school, don't forget to check out Classroom Freebies as teachers still are posting freebies daily. I just found one for today called The Colors of Summer. Get it! Or get the My Feelings Booklet also from the same blogger, teachwithme. This year I found very helpful in providing free, free, free, free and simple activities for my students. My students just did one of her activities, Coin Sticks, where they had to glue the paper penny and nickel back-to-back on a jumbo popsicle stick and glue on the word. My students loved it and I loved it for assessment. Because how come after 3 weeks of money my students still trip up over dime and nickel?!?
 I can't wait to get back into my routine of blog stalking and downloading files. I've definitely missed the blog world this year. And I was even able to get a few of my colleagues to join the teacher blog world too. SO mission accomplished!