Saturday, September 21, 2013

Peace Day (or World Gratitude Day)

It's a short post here this evening. Did anyone get a chance to do something with their students for Peace Day? I usually like to do Pinwheels for Peace with my kinders but this week I just forgot. I made copies and everything for the students to use for their pinwheels. And I usually love that Peace Day fits right in with rules and citizenship. On Mrs. Fultz's blog I saw her post on World Gratitude Day. I had not heard that today was named this but now I know. So as the day winds down, I am totally grateful for the life I have every day and that I am healthy; that I have friends, family and students who love me. I am truly grateful to be able to walk the Earth for another day. What are you grateful for? If you have a minute stop by Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies to read her post. Maybe you can help someone else who will truly be grateful for your generosity.

Happy Peace and World Gratitude Day! :)