Thursday, July 31, 2014

Save the Date(s): TPT Back to School Sale and others:)

A little birdie told me that Teachers Pay Teachers is having one of it's most amazingly big sales coming up on August 4th thru 6th. So although I am kicking my feet and screaming in my head "I don't want to go to school," it is that time again! My WHOLE store is on sale during the fabulous sale. Make sure to use the code below to rack up on the SAVINGS!! :-)

Plus I have so many things on my wishlist/cart that I need to get for the beginning of the school year to start off right!
Here are a few things on my wishlist...

I have a couple options for homework in my wishlist and a leveled one in my cart right now. I like both and one seems easier and one seems a little bit more differentiated (see below). PLEASE COMMENT: What do you use for homework in your classroom? Is it paper consuming or easily manageable each week/month by all involved?

Below are a few things in my cart:

I love the fact that this homework is leveled... The Kinder Life has the first 6 levels for free in her store! Our team is always looking for ways to engage students with homework.

Don't forget about the great Back to School Blowout Sale going on over at Educents. The sale will last for 2 more days with different types of bundles to get you ready for the new school year. Or for those already in school, it gets you pumped and ready to try some new projects with your kids.:)

Also don't forget about the Smooth Sailing Into a New School Year Giveaway with over 30 bloggers sharing their tips and freebies plus a GIVEAWAY per blogger!! Two more days to enter!

I will leave you with a newbie blogger to follow. The Kinder Life and she is the one who has created the awesome leveled and differentiated Kindergarten homework (above). I know she would love some followers, so make sure to stop by.:)

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Coil Clips

 I haven't really been blogging like I usually do this summer. I have definitely been getting my "professional development" from Pinterest but I have been kind of absent from BlogLand this summer. Well today I made something for Monday Made It. My friend Karmen has been creating and blogging all year and she loves to share with me all her wonderful creations... check her out at Tales from a Naturalista Teacha. So I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for...

 So my Monday Made It is my coil clips for my Erin Condren (EC) teacher planner.

 Anyone else own a teacher planner? Well this summer my sole focus has been trying to find out ways to utilize my teacher planner better than I did last year. I join a few Facebook EC groups, We Love EC and We Love EC RAK Group and found other EC lovers who share their woes, joys and even their RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness). I did not think of creating these coil clips on my own, the idea was brought to my attention in one of my EC groups and I even watched a youtube video from TheModernWife about how to create them.

 But it's easy, all you need are some Post-it Tabs, a pen (for drawing your holes), your EC planner ruler and a 1/8 hole punch. Line the tab up with your ruler, the middle holes work best as they are the length of the tabs, and use your pen to draw the holes on the tab. Then use your 1/8 hole punch to line up your holes with the puncher hole and punch away. But one great tip, (make sure to watch the youtube video as you get to watch it in action) turn your hole punch to the side when doing the end holes so you aren't left with a thin end on both sides. Then cut a slit in each hole so you can put your clips in and out of your planner. Voila you are done with your 1st coil clip. Just add it to what you want to clip into your planner, line up the holes and use your same pen to push in the clip so it won't come out. Once you start making them you will want to use them all the time. Remember your tabs are REPOSITIONAL so they can be used to hold many different things in your planner. Also the coil clip idea works in both the EC life planner and the teacher planner!

Also if you are new to Erin Condren and would love your very own life or teacher planner, you can click on my referral link, sign up and earn yourself $10 off your new planner. If you aren't interested in a planner you can use the $10 for anything in her store such as notebooks, clipboards, invitations/gift labels, candles, kid stuff, etc. Have fun and become a new EC follower today!:)
Enjoy! :)