Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to school...phooey! No, no we won't go!

"Back to School"... it is that time for some teachers already but not for me yet. But the time is fast approaching. And while it is coming up faster than a speeding train I have found some relief in sight. Giveaways! If you haven't figured it out now, I love giveaways! I love sharing them with you so you have a chance to win. Make sure you check out my Keep in Mind post from yesterday as it has a lot of ongoing giveaways that are still going on this week. Make sure to grab the links for: The Polished Teacher, First Grade a la Carte, The Teaching Tribune (LAST DAY), Jungle Learners, etc. 
Who loves linky parties? How about blog hops? Were you able to catch the Hawaii Blog Hop yesterday? I sort of missed it... but it was still available when I stopped working (trying to organize my files, remember?) at 12am so I took a chance and grabbed some freebies (I made sure to thank them too!) Here are a few more "hops" with my favorites included. Plus, a sale on a few wishlist items.

My friend Karmen from Karmen's Kinders is planning a giveaway. But she needs your help. She is currently taking giveaway donations for her upcoming giveaway bash! Stop on in (click her button) to donate for a fantabulous time!:)

You can find Kindergarten Lifestyle on wordpress... she now has a ".com" coming after her name. Neat!

And look what I found... Enjoy! It seems to fit the occasion and me. I snagged it from Growing Kinders.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep in Mind...Updated!

Keep in Mind the following giveaways happening TODAY ONLY:
There are freebies for non-Hawaii teachers too!
Keep in Mind the following giveaways happening in blogland:
Keep in Mind the following freebies ONLY happening today:
 and Clutter-Free Classroom Flash Freebies

Keep in Mind the linky parties happening this week:

Keep in Mind some tips:
Mrs. Will's Kindergarten on organizing stations
Bunting, Books and Bainbridge tips on Blogging and TPT etiquette (PLEASE READ!!)
     And you have to read the post from Mel (From the Pond/Frog Spot) on organizational colors:
Check out ideas for her Take Home Notes

Keep in Mind the Back to School Sales going on this week at Staples, Office Depot (don't forget to ask what their limit is for Teachers!! The limit printed might only be for parents!)

**I found a new blog who would love for you to stop by: Teaching to Make A Difference Blog

Keep in Mind that today marks one of the last days of summer vacation (truly relaxing) as once August hits I am in full-blown "scramble" mode of preparing for going back to school. Mind you, I don't return until August 26th but each of my days will be spent in workshops (blah!) and printing/laminating and cutting to my eyes pop out! I hope you enjoy your last two days of JULY! And for those who are in school already... breathe... it will all get done in due time.:)


Monday, July 29, 2013

Awesome Freebies!!

I was going to put them in my Freebie Finds section but I thought you might miss them there. Did you see these? FREEBIE ALERT!!! Click away and get your AWESOME e-books filled with Common Core materials!
Common Core Math K-2
Common Core ELA K-2

Common Core Math 3-5

Common Core ELA 3-5
Links to Grades 6-12 Common Core Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies FREEBIES too!

And don't forget that the Christmas in July Giveaway from Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten is still going on...but today is the LAST day! Hurry and enter if you haven't yet!

Enter... enter... Chicken Dinner! {Giveaways!}

Happy Monday! As I try to get a jump start on giveaway finds for you... Every morning when I wake up, there are tons more that I have missed... I say Follow all the blogs you ever run across on Bloglovin' and you will be set. Because sometimes those blogs has links to other blogs also having a giveaway. And before you know it you have spent your whole morning entering giveaways (guilty!). I was on Facebook this morning (another place you should LIKE teacher blogs) and found that Schoolgirl Style is having Melanie's Favorite Places Contest, stop on over at her FB page so you will know what each day's contest will hold. Today's prize is to my favorite store:

 All you have to do is what it says in the upper left hand corner! It's that easy. Also First Grade a la Carte is having a Back to School Bash through the end of this week.

 Remember to LIKE her on Facebook because she announced the first Back to School Bash item there before it has been announced on her blog. Now there are only THREE more days of giveaways at The Teaching Tribune. Have you had any luck winning the great prizes? Make sure you are following the blogs and even stop in to learn some great organization tips.

Sometimes I need to be reminded to have my students highlight their name before turning something in. While reading I was thinking about how I can use my math manipulatives shelf to have my kids turn in their work daily instead. Did you see the post from Simply Kinder?
**Case in point about going to one blog for something and coming out with something else. While you are visiting Simply Kinder to find out how she organized her cubbies, make sure to stop by and enter her giveaway:

Primary Graffiti is having a HUGE giveaway sponsored by OfficeMax. You can win some great prizes. Make sure to stop by her blog and learn about the different ways OfficeMax helps teachers. I especially love there Teacher Appreciation Days (check their website to find out about your days).

Have you seen this giveaway?

 Fun Back to School packs could be yours! Giveaway ends TONIGHT!!!! Hurry on over for your chance to win! Don't forget to check out Clutter-Free Classroom for her Flash Freebies! I mean hit REFRESH constantly as she sends out her posts at random times, even up to the last minute (last week at 11:28pm). I have gotten some great freebies from her so far... check on her blog because she did list a few FOREVER FREEBIES.

The Teacher's Cauldron is having a Birthday Giveaway and Sale. Happy Birthday Jen R.! And to celebrate her friend from the ETSY shop H.e.m. Originals is offering one of her bags to the winner. Giveaway ends in less than TWO days!!

Today is the last day left of Lampost in a 1st Grade STEM Classroom is still having her 200 Follower giveaway. Stop on over because she still has the giveaway up for the Quietest Pencil Sharpener!

Here is a linky party among all the giveaways:

 Link up your math games! I am posting this find here... but it's also linked up over on my Freebie Finds tab too.

 I am always looking for cute fonts to try out. Plus also check out the rest of the post for some teaching tricks. Need more freebies? Stop at the Indiana Blog Hop.

Another giveaway where everyone is a winner! I like this:) This giveaway is from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

 You and your friends are trying to help get the entries reached in the Rafflecopter... however once it is reached the giveaway ends... so make sure you enter in your email address before sharing it among your friends so you make sure to get the prize pack. Just be on the look out for Day 2!!

Teaching with a Mountain View is having a Double the Fun giveaway until August 1st. Make sure to go visit daily though so you can grab some freebies too.

Jungle Learners is having her own giveaway. She was one of my gracious friends who donated a product during my 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway. She is having 12 different winners from July 28th-July 31st. Enter Day 1 and Day 2's giveaways!

Go on and enter to win some great prizes... remember you are trying to enter to win for you and your future (or current for those in school already!!) class!:)

Blooming in First is having a Blogging Blogiversary Celebration Giveaway with some AWESOME prizes... from some great bloggers.

Stop on in at Shifting Teacher K-2 for her 100 followers giveaway. I am participating in this one for Winner's Choice. But there are up to 23 prizes you could win just by ENTERING!!

And don't forget about The Polished Teacher's HUGE Alphapalooza!! We are only on the Letter C!!

Make sure to go back and enter in the other Letter A and Letter B as they are still going on!

Hunter's Tales from Teaching 400 Follower Giveaway:

EduKate and Inspire is having a HUGE 500 Follower Giveaway. We are currently on Day #5. Also don't forget about the Teach n Tex HUGE 3 for 3 Giveaway! Giveaway ends TONIGHT!!

Phew! I'm done... even though I know I am missing giveaways because I haven't even checked Bloglovin' this morning... these are my finds from YESTERDAY! I guess I am playing catch-up again. Enjoy!