Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Open... My Store!

 As much time as I spend on Teachers Pay Teachers, it can get really addictive. Well throw in posting activities you make and I am definitely addicted. If I am not on Pinterest then I am on Teachers Pay Teachers. I just posted two new things in my new store and I can't wait to post more. But first I have to create them. I wonder where all the other sellers get their ideas or activity names from. Like I want to create but what I should I make? Or the better question is what CAN I make?
 I don't know how the winter weather is treating all of you but we just had lots and lots of SNOW on Sunday. It was fun but of course it was clear just in time to go to school on Tuesday. Shucks! I want a snow day! But I created some wintry wonderland stuff to maybe get the weather in the mood to providing us teachers with a much needed snow day!
Students match the snowman to a snowflake to match the correct tally marks.
 Check out my TPT store to get it for FREE!

And if anyone can tell me how to add a picture of my activities without it being blurry or cut off I would really appreciate. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playing Catch-up

 So I promised myself during this holiday weekend that I would not think about anything school related... and what did I do? Think about school! I was just trying to get myself together after that crazy week which included Valentine's Day, Awards Day and a field trip all in the same week. I do have some pictures to post about my the Valentine exchange. Do you know I love to give presents? And it is always nice to receive some too. I participated in the Christmas exchange... I don't think I posted about my gifts then either. Slacker! But when I saw that we were doing a Valentine's exchange I jumped at the chance to "meet" someone else. Well I received a cool "Love to Teach" bag from my person in CT. I've always wanted to go there.
  I also entered my class into the class valentine exchange. Right after I got the name of the class I was getting really worried about what my class could make that would make this class happy to receive valentine's at all. The class I got was fellow blogger First Grade Blue Skies. I had been following her blog during the summer and all of her cute creations. Me who doesn't do much art/crafty stuff in the classroom because we have no time, how was I going to create something that fit in the lines of a fellow crafty blogger? So needless to say, I struggled to find anything that my kids could create. I even made them peel crayons for one idea but then ended up changing my mind about it. I wonder if I would have been worried about what valentines to make if I had never heard of her blog at all. :-/ But in the end it all worked out and she and her class loved the valentines we created. You can see a picture of them over at her blog First Grade Blue Skies. I will post pictures of what her class sent us soon.
 And thanks to Caitlin and Sarah for hosting the Valentine Exchange. And if they decide to do another exchange make sure to check out the Teacher Blogger Exchange for updates and giveaways too. I was in another world this time and totally missed out on checking for giveaway options.
 This weekend while I was thinking about school I finally got into the creative spirit and started making activities sort of like Kindergarten Crayons (don't have her skills yet), Deanna Jump (nope not yet!), or Deedee Wills (who comes up with amazing activities). I don't quite know what I am doing but I am learning as I go along. Just like I learned how to create my own blog this summer. I think I can learn to create some helpful classroom activities for others. I need to finish reading my Math Work Stations book as I know there may be more ideas in there too. But I just wanted to say I am officially a SELLER on Teachers Pay Teachers. I only have 2 items up but I hope to create more soon. And if you do try something leave me a comment and let me know how it turns out.
 I'm off to bed... I am really going to miss having a long weekend. But on the bright side this is only a 4-day school week and I have my art class to look forward to. :) Have a great week!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

You've been tagged!

Okay so I have to say that I was really curious when Jennifer over at Herding Kats in Kindergarten told me that I had been "tagged". There is A LOT that goes into being tagged and I hope if you do get tagged that you learn a lot.:)
Here are the rules for playing the game of TAG:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the "Tagger" sent you in their post, then create 12 new questions for the people you tag.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know they've been tagged!

12 Fun Facts About Me:
1. I own over 1000 books and most of them I bought to read to the kids.
2. Claude Monet is my favorite artist.
3. I am a super Derek  Jeter and NY Yankees fan! I've been to the old Yankees stadium even if it was just seeing the outside of it.
4. I've been para-sailing 3 times now... I usually go by myself. No one has dared to try it with me yet!
5. I love to collect bags, not purses, bags... shoulder strap and big enough that a bottle of water can fit.
6. I am a Girl Scout Troop leader and I really enjoy it. At first when I started I just wanted to help, I definitely did not want to lead but God had other plans for me on that one.
7. I've been on a cruise before and I so want to go again. I did most of the activities on the ship just because they were there.
8. I am a big roller coaster fan, I try not sit in the front but I will try them all, even by myself. I have a dream to visit all the Six Flags, so far I've been to 6 of them so far.
9. I love to touch those slimy animals no one really wants to touch: stingrays, jellyfish, frogs, snakes, etc.
10. I love to visit bed and breakfast inns. It is always fun to try new places... my best breakfast so far would have to be Cumberland Falls in Asheville, NC.
11. I want to go to Brazil just so I can go to Rio de Janerio and hang glide off a hill (with the instructor of course.)
12. I'm really shy around people... can't you tell?

I am answering Jennifer's questions:
12. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why? Lance Armstrong because he has succeeded in facing his hardships and coming out the winner. Just because he seems like a good person to meet. Or I would love to meet Derek Jeter my favorite Yankees player because he's cute and he seems like a fun person to want to know. 

11. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Neuschwantein Castle in Germany. My mom and I put a puzzle of this castle together when I was in high school (and still loved working on puzzles) and ever since then I have always wanted to visit. 

10. What's your favorite school night dinner? Well I don't really cook... I know sorry to my future husband out there. But I love the pasta fresca bowl with Parmesan chicken from the Noodle Company. 
9. What one item could you not do without in your classroom? I would have to say our computers. Of course that is more than one item but I have gotten used to them and in a TECHNOLOGY driven world my students need to have experience with using computers more time during the week and not just once a week. 
8. What one item would you love to have in your classroom? A large carpet. I know simple huh? Well currently my 19 students and I all try to fit on a carpet that would comfortably fit about 14 people on it. Some of my kids including me too have long legs and we just aren't comfortable there. Since I do most teaching on the carpet I would love to be able to teach a lesson and not hear "Move!" or "Stop touching me!" or "Get on your name!"

7. If you could change one school rule, what would it be and why? That medication should only be in the nurses' office. I have about 5-6 asthmatic students and if I ever needed their medicine while they are having an asthma attack it would be difficult for me to get it. I would want probably at least one teacher per grade level certified in CPR and first aid who could administer the medicine even though each teacher would keep their own student's medicine in their classroom. 

6. Which subject do you like to teach the most? I love to teach math the most. This year I get to do the math lessons for my team and I am excited to share with them the activities I like and even the ones I have found through blogging. I even started reading the Debbie Diller book Math Work Stations this summer but I haven't tried it all out with my kinders this year. 

5. What one accomplishment are you the most proud of? I won Honorable Mention for a painting I did in high school at the state fair. 

4. Where's your favorite place to shop for school stuff? I LOVE the Target Dollar Spot. I find myself there way too many times during the week. I even travel to several different Targets just to see if I have missed something. I also like to go to IKEA but only once every few months. 

3. Describe your ideal day in the classroom. The kids come in the building about 8:30am, I get them into the classroom and ready for morning announcements around 9am. At 9:15am we have shared reading, which I have come to enjoy because it gets my kids to experience reading in different ways. They don't know they are learning they just think they are having fun. I have 2 hours set aside for our reading program that is when the kids to stations... which I dread and the kids make it a nails on the chalkboard kind of time. We have lunch then math which I usually start with calendar. We might have time to fit in a short math activity before going out for recess. Then we have resource which the kids love (art, music, PE, library or computer and Spanish once a week). After resource this is our time for science or social studies. My team has worked it that we don't do social studies and science in the same week, there is just NO time for both. So we take turns with both, but making sure we cover what we need to. Then we get ready to go home about 3:15pm, the kids get out at 3:30pm. 
2. Name a secret vice. Soap operas and YouTube... I can miss the soap operas during the day but watch them any  time through YouTube. 
1. What adjectives would your closest friend use to describe you? Sweet, helpful, caring, friendly. 

The 12 questions to answer by those who I tagged:
12. What are your 3 favorite movies?
11. What is your favorite sport or sports team?
10. If you could have any pet, what would be and its name?
9. What is the thing you like to eat when you are stressed?
8. If you could have a Bucket List (what to do before you die), what would be one thing you would want to do?
7. What is one thing you did today that you feel good about?
6. What are your favorite fruits and vegetables?
5. Favorite song you like to use with your students/kids.
4. What season do you like the best and why?
3. Do you love to shop or shop because you have to?
2. What is your favorite children's book and why?
1. Finish the sentence: When I grow up, I want to be...

12 People I have TAGGED: *It is definitely hard to find bloggers who haven't been tagged yet... I even found some new blogs on my tagging journey:)
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Saturday, February 4, 2012


 So I was checking up on some of my blogs such as A Cupcake for a Teacher (cute blog name huh?). Well the reason behind this post is that I read that a fellow blogger Pam from The Vintage Teacher has passed recently. I am truly saddened by the news as Pam's posts helped me get started on all the "ever-growing" files I continue to collect from all my fellow bloggers. Well Pam would do posts called "Friday Freebies". I always looked forward to her Friday Freebies because I always wondered how she would find so many freebies to give away every week. When I started blogging I would try to mention and post the link to her freebies as every new teacher blogger would always be grateful for her help and inspiration.

 Although I don't know the specifics behind losing such a wonderful person, my heart goes out to her family who has lost a loved one. And as I know how that feels this school year and how everyone supported me through my difficult time. I want to be able to support or provide my condolences just so the family knows Pam's impact beyond their community. See Pam helped new bloggers, teachers and people all over the world and she didn't even need to get on a plane to do it, all from blogging and reaching out to others. If you want to offer your sympathy to her family, you can leave a comment on her last post so the family will receive your prayers and thoughtful wishes. Pam may you continue touching others as you walk through Heaven.