Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A wonderful STEM K-2 Conference

It is officially summer and I am off at a STEM K-2 Conference hosted by my Math Science Innovation Center (MSiC). I am still Pinning and "learning" lots of great ideas while at the conference. My hope is to write and create more this summer but we shall see. But I wanted to share insights that I have already learned at the conference and sadly today is the last day of the conference.

My Insights (Make sure to try them ALL out and share with others):
From the Technology Training with Tammy Tang (check out her website:
From her Opening Session: Random Name/Word Picker Add students' names or words and it will randomly pick it for you in a Fruit Machine or spell it out like a Typewriter. **Make sure to check out the other tools that you can use too.

 --Useful websites to teach your K-1 students how to use the mouse on a computer:
Baby Eyes (move the mouse)
Pop the Bubbles (move and click)-- can do pop the letters and choose 3 focus letters for students to pop
Feed the Monster (drag and drop)
Brush Teeth (click and drag)
 -- Kahoot! Visit and make sure to create yourself a FREE account. This site is a quiz generation website in which you can create quizzes to assess student's understanding. They have to look at your screen to get the answer choices and answer using the shapes on their screen (without the answer shown). Students are ranked by how fast they are able to answer the question among the other players. You can create a quiz in your account (, get the GAME CODE and share it with others. Make sure to check out the Public Library in your account to see the many that are already created. Could be used in groups if you only have a few computers in your room or in a computer lab where students are able to see what's on your screen as well.
--Draw a Stickman students use the mouse to draw a stickman and it becomes a character in a story. For K-1 students you may have to read some of the drawing prompts aloud and do as a whole group. **Pay attention to the letters that "pop" out after each drawing you complete in the story... this can be changed to say whatever you want!*
--This is Sand is just an interactive way to play with colored sand. Could be a "calming" activity for some students or something students can do if they finish early.

****** Mind you this was just in the MORNING session of Day 1!! *******
What I am excited about for my students with STEM?
1. Creating class sets of Rekenreks-- if you don't know what they look like, check out my new Pinterest board. But they are all about subitizing (quickly seeing how many) in hands-on form for students.
2. Introducing my students to love bugs and all their wonderful details by using magnifying glasses, a loupe (it was a FREEBIE in one of my sessions) and my EyeClops (hand held magnifier up to 400X; learned about this from a librarian!)
EyeClops Bionic Eye
3. Establishing a mathematical community within my classroom where my students are able to share, work and make mistakes and all of their input is valued and respected. How do you establish your Math Talk with students in your room?

I can't wait for Day 3's sessions. On to more great learning! Enjoy :)