Thursday, August 16, 2012

A few things

  I know we all are busy trying to get our rooms together so we don't have time to blog as often as we would like. And I know many teachers are already back into their classrooms!! I am so glad that my school district does not have us go back this early. However, I am always jealous when some teachers get out in May... man I miss those days! (Preschool teacher)
 But I wanted to take the time to share some of the goodies that were sent to me this week. You guys probably have heard about the Kohl's Back to School 10% discount. Well if you haven't heard about it, they are giving this discount my readers... I know... we are lucky. And if you want to get your own discount for your readers just email me and I can try to pass along the link (it is for parents and teachers!) So how long can you use this discount code, UBLOGTEN?!? You can use it until October 24th so stack up your savings at See more stores are catching on to what we need to get these kids dressed for success, Kohl's Back to School section helps us get more for less. And as a teacher I always like that motto. Click on the code UBLOGTEN or any link that says Back to School and check them out!

  As I was printing my pins from Pinterest I was linked to First Grade Parade, Cara, I love her!! But what a surprise something that I missed in my pins I really needed. But that isn't what really surprised me. It was the fact that her freebie, classroom labels, has more than I have ever seen all summer on posts for labels. Usually people just create the few that they need for their schedule but nope Cara created so many labels I don't know which ones to choose from. She even has a label for Centers or for me this year Literacy Stations. Plus she has included blank time cards so you could print, laminate and write/draw the time for each thing. Click here so you can download this wonderful freebie. Surprises are good huh? And if you have never visited Cara's blog First Grade Parade do so and even check out her TPT store as you might find some goodies you will like there too.:)

  Speaking of First Grade Parade... the reason why I ended up there was because I was checking out one of my pins about schedule cards. But I was intrigued about the time slot called Ketchup and Pickle Time and after reading about it I want to try it with my kids this year. (However if you need some library book labels, those are FREE). First Grade Garden has a time slot for Ketchup and Pickle Time. Are you interested in what it is all about?  I am only going to give you a teaser but it's about giving students a chance to complete unfinished work... Check out her post about it and see if you can have Ketchup and Pickle Time in your room.

 And for those who have a Five and Below in their town: My Five and Below are having a sale until 8/19, a buy one get one free. Now some things aren't really worth buying one just to get one free as you could just go to the Walmart and get it for less. But I usually go to Five and Below for my pencil pockets. I have looked everywhere else for them thinking that I could get them cheaper but no such luck. I stumbled upon them last year by accident and have been looking out for the same sale and here it is. So the pencil pockets are $1.50 buy one get one free.

Last year I got 26 pockets for $19.50 which for me was good as these pockets lasted my students all year! And since I have been pinning I have found some teachers use these pockets to put in station materials. I found one teacher use them to put different poems that students could use at the Poetry Station. My hope is to put the magnetic letters in them for Magnetic Station, poems for Poetry station and sorts for Pocket Chart station. Plus I want to have students practice sight words at home so some of the ones I buy will go in their home folders. Do you have any other ideas I could use these pockets for?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Finds...

  In between blogging and "trying" to watch the Olympics, I keep finding stuff. I found a MEGA giveaway from Finally in First who has tons of blogger friends helping out. You have 28 things you could do in order to win the giveaway. I think your chances look good.:) What do you think?

  I also found a new supply store. I have sort of been disappointed with my teacher store here at home. I went today looking for frog stuff and I came out empty-handed and frustrated. All I found were bits and pieces of frog stuff and nothing that looked like a full set. I could find full sets of fuzzy monsters and even owls that everyone is fawning over but no FROGS. Now don't get me wrong I love owls... but when I am looking for something specific and all I find are owls, it can be very frustrating. Many times during my time in the store I questioned my theme like "should I be doing owls instead?" But then I had to stop myself and say NO!! I have to go against the grain and stick to what I like such as my blue and green FROG theme. But I bet you want to hear about that teacher supply store and not about my frustrations. It is called MPM School Supplies and the prices seem pretty discounted. I have been in the market for a new pocket chart and besides the Target Dollar spot charts (which are too small) I have found them to be about $25 and up. But here at MPM I found a standard chart discounted at $17.36. Yippee!! I may have new charts this year after all. So go check them out if you are in the market for new supplies like we all are every year.

  Another find: Fun in First Grade's Back to School Linky Party.

Link up and gain many new ideas.:) 

 First Grade a la Carte is doing a FREEBIE, a sale and a giveaway each day (for only a short time period) to celebrate back to school. Make sure to stop in tomorrow to see what the new freebie is but if you can't wait go back to the past PARTY Posts and snag some good gifts.:)

From First Grade Fever: Kohl's is giving her readers a 10% discount at until August 23rd. You could find tons of stuff. Make sure to stop by the Kohl's Cares for Kids and get your Skippyjon Jones stuffed animals and books for $5 each!!

 I know I should be enjoy these last few days of my summer break but I am freaking out because I haven't found anything to put up in my room yet. I haven't finished my crate seats... I didn't have the right staples to fit into my staple gun:-( But I will finish!! I have to finish or I won't have enough seating in my room. So much to do. But some of my teammates will be venturing to the Lakeshore outlet in MD on Saturday and maybe hitting IKEA on the way back IF we haven't spent all our money in the Lakeshore store.