Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mystery Readers Surprise!

 It's been a while since my last post... sorry. I'm stopping in for a short bit today. My fellow blogger and colleague Karmen from The Naturalista Teacha and her 3rd graders visited my kindergarteners as our Mystery Readers for the morning. My class did a great job! They were great listeners and even the ones that I thought might have trouble enjoyed listening to the 3rd graders read to them. Check out her post filled with great pictures.
 I have started doing the Mystery Reader reading initiative in my classroom each year around Dr. Seuss' birthday. It was something I saw in a magazine or something and it has just taken off. I first used mystery readers when I taught preschool and that was many, many years ago. But the process behind it, if you haven't done them before, is that parents/teachers/staff sign up to read to your class. It can be any book they want, doesn't have to be Dr. Seuss themed, and they can just read to your class or they can bring a prop or dress up. I have only had about 2 people dress up and a few people bring props. One year I had an aunt of one of my students dress as The Cat in the Hat (face paint and all!). One year the Spanish teacher came to read to us, first in Spanish then in English and the kids got to make butter while listening to the story.
 It doesn't have to be complicated, I really just want the students to take the time to do some fun reading and active listening. Plus it gives the parents/teachers/staff an opportunity to put their job aside for a few and take a breather.
 Do you have readers or mystery readers who come to your classroom? Don't forget to check out our Mystery Reading Buddies post from Karmen.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Creative LAST days of break, Freebies and a Giveaway!

As I try to enjoy the last few days (hours) of my break, I wanted to share some new things with you.

I am having a sale at my TPT store. Kind of like a last hurrah before break is officially over on Monday. My whole store is 20% off minus my winter stuff which they have their own special pricing... which leads me into number two.

I have been on a creating spree. My good friend and fellow blogger Karmen from Tales from a Naturalista Teacha has been creating up a storm. She let me edit one of her products and after that night I just felt like creating... I haven't really created this much since my summer break. Do you know there are some AWESOME clipart artist out in blog land? Well my bestie CA's (Clipart Anonymnous) are Creative Clips and Ashley Hughes. I really have been using them for like ever, but just this go around I used them A LOT! If you don't know who I am talking about, feel free to check out their amazing work.

Follow their blogs too as sometimes you can catch a freebie. Plus Creative Clips is doing something each month where you can pay $10 for monthly graphics but you can get new sets each week of that month.
(P.S. The April Set is on sale for $8 as she has already put in TWO weekly sets)
Anywho, on to my creations. Please continue reading until you get to the bottom of this post as you won't be disappointed.

It's on sale for $1.50. And if you download the PREVIEW you can snag a freebie!

The next items are discounted in my store for $1. 

And don't forget to click the PREVIEW button as you might stumble upon a freebie!

Here's a FREEBIE just because! Keep reading though!

And since I LOVE Giveaways I thought about doing a giveaway here. Just enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win one of my new products! Yup, you can choose from any of my new creations that are listed above if you win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Going to be the BEST YEAR of 2014!

It seems as if all I do is tell you about giveaways... but I have to share about the MEGA FREEBIES that is going on from The Teaching Tribune team. They are AWESOME!!

So if you click on the above picture I have started you on the first stop of the fabulous FREEBIES of 2014 blog hop. Make sure you add a tab or open a new window and click on The Teaching Tribune picture so you can go enter all the fabulous giveaways. And while you are collecting all the wonderful freebies make sure you FOLLOW each blog because you are going to need that info for the huge rafflecopter, 3 in all!!

Yup you read right. Freebies and giveaways galore. Hurry though as this awesome blog hop doesn't last long.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have a great 2014!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Mega Giveaways and a Linky!

This morning I was checking into Facebook and noticed that I missed TONS of flash freebies and other freebies right before the year ends. I found a linky party and some mega giveaways I want to share with you.

Miss Math Dork and her other colleagues from The Teachers Studio (Meg) and 4mulafun (Jennifer) are having an awesome $25 gift card giveaway to TPT or Amazon or even Starbucks. As a teacher sometimes you just need your extra shot in the morning. 

Have you entered this Mega Giveaway yet? 

Well you have T minus 13 hours to get your bid in the Clip Art group and the 3rd-5th grade group. I could use the clip art for more creations. What are you creating lately? Maybe I can get some ideas to kick start my creations. 

And here is the linky party I mentioned from An Educator's Life that you can download new ideas to jump start your mind for the new year with your students!

There are tons of FREE products to download some are even marked by grade level! And if you keep scrolling you can find the giveaways to enter too!

Also remember that my December Holidays: Beginning Sounds are still on sale in my TPT for $1 until 12/31/13. 

Get them for next year or use them in January to review. 

Happy New Year and Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I love giveaways!

Wow two posts in the same month... I might be in the blogging spirit after all. Well really, I just wanted to spread the news about this Awesome giveaway. Yup awesome with a capital A! Who loves TPT? Who needs to attend the TPT Anon? (Me, me, me...) I've even shared the wonderful site with my colleagues and I think I have turned them into "addicts" too. So head on over to Rockin Resources and enter in her Christmas Giveaway! You could be a winner!

Yup you saw correctly... you could win a gift certificate to TPT worth $10 or $20 and one lucky winner could win $100 to Target... this store is another one of my obsessions. Plus the lucky winners will get some awesome freebies too! So hurry on over so you can be 1 of the 3 lucky winners this holiday season! Best Wishes!

Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together is hosting a giveaway for some Holiday Specs. I didn't know what they were until reading her post, but I am glad I did. Can you imagine glasses in which when you look at Christmas Lights you are just seeing Christmas in a whole new light? If you aren't in a hurry, you can read her post about all the Christmas Lights activities she found then dig into the Holiday Specs giveaway.

Good luck!

** Check out Whimsy Workshop's 12 Days of Christmas Freebies. If you don't know anything about Whimsy Workshop she creates cute clipart. So scroll down to the part about her freebies and click on each day to get your clipart. But hurry as they are only available for a limited time.


Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm feeling ahead of the game! TPT Cyber SALE

Yesterday, I got a jump start on my lesson planning for the month of December. Of course I know I have the option of changing things as they come along but it does feel good to be "done". So with a little extra time on my hands I created my new product:

 I decided to participate in the Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber sale and continue my store sale until 12/4. Which means you could get my newest product for up to 28% off.

You can add this product to your wishlist but make sure to grab my newest freebie, Gingerbread Holiday. Which is just like my December Holiday beginning sounds product. So you can "try" it before you buy it.

Well I am off to buy some of the things that I finally moved from my wishlist into my cart! Happy shopping! Enjoy:)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Don't you love freebies?!

So I hope you are having a great adventure into November. What with teaching about Veteran's Day, Past and Present, Thanksgiving and Native Americans our November is pretty packed full of learning. I just saw an awesome lesson from Kindergarten Smiles about past and present children. Be sure to check out her post and her November Unit on TPT which has some awesome activities for you to add to this packed month! :) And I love how she is use WBT as I need to start using the strategies again so I will make sure that all my students are learning something out of my lesson. Like it will be more student-led discussions rather than teacher-led.

I also found out that one of my fellow bloggers is having a Moving Sale! If you are like me, you may dislike any kind of moving whether it is packing up your classroom at the end of the year or moving your house. But Bri from The Art of Teaching is pretty excited about her moving sale as EVERYTHING IS FREE! Yup you heard me! Now that she is named: The Art of Teaching in Today's World, everything is FREE in her TPT store until January 1st, 2014. Free lessons and free clipart! So head on over to her new blog location and get details on how you can download her whole store for FREE! Make sure to share and pass on this great opportunity for K-1st grade teachers!:) And if you are not a K-1 teacher make sure to still share the news as your followers always love to hear about anything FREE. It makes teaching so rewarding!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hooray it's almost on its way... Halloween!

 Before beginning my teaching career I was never really excited about teaching Halloween. And when I started teaching at a Jewish preschool I didn't have to. Now that I teach my very own class of lovely kindergartners, each year I have been getting excited about the upcoming spooky day. Well in my school, unfortunately (but not all sad) we will be celebrating PINK OUT! Which is our version of a day dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. No mention of Halloween or even dressing up like our favorite book characters, nope, just to wear pink on October 31st.

 So you can imagine many teachers who LOVE Halloween are having a difficult time getting in the spirit of PINK OUT! Day at school. Well, I on the other hand am determined to fit Halloween or the study of all those things surrounding it, into my classroom this week. My class and I touched a bit on bats and used our five senses to explore pumpkins. This week my hope is to do some fun arts and crafts while still teaching those SOLs (or Common Core to the modern world). I have updated my Halloween Pokee Pins for those who have already downloaded, just go re-download for a few extras.

I even created a new product: Jack-o-Lantern Letter Puzzles!

I will send 1 set of puzzles to one of my LUCKY followers. All you need to do is tell me one activity you enjoy doing/teaching your students during the Fall Harvest/Halloween season AND leave your email address. I will pick someone TOMORROW NIGHT (Oct. 28th)! If you share this on Facebook or Pin It, you can leave another comment with email letting me know what you did.:) 

If you are not the lucky winner, never fear! These puzzles are discounted for $1 until October 31st!! After that they will be $2.50! So grab them and use them this week! :) And if you are looking for other Halloween-themed products, check out my Halloween Math. And don't forget Halloween Pokee Pins which my kids absolutely love pokee pins already and they will love to use the Halloween-themed ones too.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Peace Day (or World Gratitude Day)

It's a short post here this evening. Did anyone get a chance to do something with their students for Peace Day? I usually like to do Pinwheels for Peace with my kinders but this week I just forgot. I made copies and everything for the students to use for their pinwheels. And I usually love that Peace Day fits right in with rules and citizenship. On Mrs. Fultz's blog I saw her post on World Gratitude Day. I had not heard that today was named this but now I know. So as the day winds down, I am totally grateful for the life I have every day and that I am healthy; that I have friends, family and students who love me. I am truly grateful to be able to walk the Earth for another day. What are you grateful for? If you have a minute stop by Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies to read her post. Maybe you can help someone else who will truly be grateful for your generosity.

Happy Peace and World Gratitude Day! :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reflections from this week!

 This week was the LONGEST week! Why do the admin always wait until we have 1 week before school to start to begin piling us with new changes and procedures we have done several times over. Luckily, they tried to work in only having meetings/ training in the morning... although that is not what happened near the end of the week. One day were were in meetings most of the day except when he pushed the meeting back an hour and lunch... then had the nerve to say that he was NOT going to open the building for those of us who needed to finish!
 I wish I could just go into my room and miraculously unpack and set-up my room without having the stress of finding where things need to go. One day I need to attend some quick fast, unpack teacher training in order to be more organized. Does a training like this exist already?
 So yes, we were able to talk our principal into letting one of his wonderful APs open the building for us today. And she was AWESOME!!! She might have said 10:30-2pm but when 2pm rolled around... she didn't rush us out... she let us FINISH! I think we (me and 3 other teachers) left the building about 4:30 and even then our AP was still in her office working. By then I was done! I even went by and checked on the teachers who were still working, we put up two bulletin boards and fixed a welcome window.
 However, a I write this post I realize that I did not take any pictures of my room. Sorry! Hopefully I will get in early on Tuesday to take pictures of the room before my kinders come. Currently I only have 9 on my roll... however, this will change as our district rezoned schools and many parents did not spend the summer registering their child for school. So as Tuesday is the first day of school, it is also the dreaded CHAOS day of registration!
 How does your FIRST DAY of school look like before you are able to continue with instruction? Are you forced to "climb" around parents who are anxiously waiting the news for what class their child will be in? Or in our case this year, many parents may find out that their child is not supposed to attend our school due to the re-zoning. I just hope and pray that our parents will be patient, kind and bring in all their paperwork in order to help those people who are trying to register their child for school. I pray that we all have a WONDERFUL first day and that everyone is returned home safely.

Now I am on to ENJOY my holiday weekend... and finish up MANY of the last few things I have to get ready for Tuesday. Enjoy!:)