Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Well teachers, here is the time where your students, parents and administrators get to take some time out and pamper you. The pampering varies from each school and district you work in. When I was teaching at the private school, the parents loved on us (I miss that... just a bit). And when I was student teaching I got to experience a wonderful staff and PTA during teacher appreciation week. Different events happen throughout the week whether they are to honor a teacher or field day or "End of the Year" shows... Just take some time during this week to show appreciation to yourself. You deserve it. You've been working really hard during the year to get your students prepared for their next grade level and it is your turn to treat yourself.

Speaking of treating yourself... did you know that TPT was having a mini "TPT Appreciates YOU" sale? It is only for May 7th-8th up to 28% off of your favorite things you have in your wishlist that you haven't bought yet. And to show my appreciation to all those teachers around the world doing what they love, I am having a sale May 8th-10th with up to 15% off my products at my TPT store. 

Think about it... treat yourself (or your kids) to something nice.:) Have a great week! Remember today is Nurses Appreciation Day! Thank a nurse for all that they do for us. My school definitely would fall apart without a nurse, so I am definitely thankful for our nurses (2--we are a big school).