Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Updates, Giveaways and Found Freebies!!

 So I haven't posted in about 2 days... what a record. I have been trying to keep up with all the blogs I am following over 115 of them and keep track of the giveaways going on. I keep seeing all the neat activities some of these teachers are creating and I just pray that one might have my name on it for free. I loved Christmas in July because I got to purchase some of items that were wishlist items for a cheaper price. Of course I still have wishlist items, those items I didn't really need during "Christmas" so I have to get back over to my TPT account and check out my wish list again.
 There are a ton of giveaways happening this week even into next week... like always people are celebrating their followers and now BACK TO SCHOOL. Yup I said those 3 words out loud. Some teachers are already back in school teaching their students to learn while I am still trying to hold onto the last of my vacation. I say last because it is almost August and I am itching to get into my room, well as soon as our new principal gives us the okay. But I am sure my car and my mom's basement would love it when my room finally opens up. Last year as a new teacher, I didn't know what to expect of the students, the curriculum or even what resources we were provided. I learned quickly that you had to go ask, ask, ask... just because you were a new teacher did not always mean that everyone was willing to help you. So this year I looked at shopping and gathering materials/resources differently. I knew the curriculum that I had taught this year and I want to change how I teach it next year. So all these neat activities and ideas that I have been downloading from the blogs I follow are helping me out a lot. It's nice because I know that I don't have to reinvent the wheel because many teachers have "shared" my thought process, only this time they have actually created something concrete. Oh and I can't wait to get all the classroom supplies out of my car and find a place to put them in my new room. I am getting so excited about this upcoming year, I feel better prepared for it... I feel better motivated to take what comes my way head on.
 Anyways, on to the giveaways, updates and freebies... good luck!!
Don't forget that Teaching Heart and Teaching Heart Mom blog is still having the back to school bash where you can enter to win lots of prizes, but you have to enter everything before the 31st because winners will be announced 8/2.

1-Office Max will having their Teacher Appreciation Day starting July 31st-Aug. 1st. And the first 150 teachers will get a free reusable tote plus 20% off everything you can fit inside. **Do you think there will be a line of teachers outside each Office Max when they open on Sunday at 11am? Kind of like when you camp outside for movie or concert tickets?**
2-Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business is giving away $25 gift card to and you have 7 ways to enter.
3.-Head over to Kindergarten Crayons or just add her to your blog roll so you know when she has posted some freebies and even samples of sets that she is creating. Those who have a MAC, lucky you... but for us PC loves head on over and get your freebies.
4- Michelle's Math in the Middle is having a Pintrerest Party, link up and get pinning!!
5-Pocket Full of Kinders is having a giveaway for items from her friend's HUE 529 store.
6-Primary Connections is having a giveaway for $20 to spend at TPT and she is also having a grade level linky party... so link up because that is one of your entries to the giveaway, make sure you blog about it and leave a comment! I linked up and so can you! Ends 7/31
7-Peace, Love, and Learning is having a giveaway to celebrate 500 followers and she even included a freebie. There are only 3 entries needed for you to win 5 things from her TPT store: FOLLOW, TPT and BLOG.
8-Erica Bohrer's Back to School Bonanza!!! You've got to go check out her blog to check out all 12 teacher donors to this wonderful giveaway. Now remember you only get 4 entries but you have to do the work for each person... FOLLOW (12 blogs)TPT (12 stores), FB (7 pgs),  BLOG. Make sure you follow the given prompt so you have a chance at the giveaway!! Ends Thursday July 28th... get busy.
9- Fun In First Grade celebrates 1000 followers WOOHOO! Now her giveaway is just like Erica's, only comments allowed but you have to do the work for 11 people... FOLLOW, TPT, BLOG ROLL, BLOG. Ends August 1st at 12:00. **UPDATE: For invited readers only, make sure you are on the list. I'm not but good luck!!
10-  Lil Country Kitchen is trying to compile a list of kindergarten teacher blogs. Link up with the party so you can see if you missed any blogs.
11- Check out Me and Marie Learning for freebie posts. Color Pack Freebie and Fall Clipboard Surveys Freebie

12- New blog I was directed to from Empowering Little Learners, Just Reed is having a giveaway for 4 prizes: 3 author studies (Kevin Henkes, Marc Brown, Robert Munsch from her TPT store and Ms. M's A Teacher's Plan is giving away a pre-made lesson plan template. I love Ms. M's pre-made plans, I tried to recreate one on my own and I just couldn't come close. Ends Saturday at midnight.
13- Herding Kats in Kindergarten is having a giveaway for $10 gift card to Donorschoose. What a really great giveaway especially for those of you who still need your projects funded or who would like to donate to a project instead. You only get 2 entries, so make them count! Winners will be chosen August 1st.
14-Little Miss Kindergarten is having a ARTSKILLS giveaway where you can win over $50 in creative bulletin board items. Anyone started thinking about what their boards are going to look like? Wouldn't you want some help funding your big ideas? Enter!!

15- Frogs in First is having a giveaway for $25 gift card to AMAZON! Ends August 2nd at 5pm MST! Remember FOLLOW, TPT/TN, BLOG, BLOG ROLL, and FB!

*Update #16: Don't forget to stop over at Teaching Heart Mom's blog for giveaways that end July 31st.
Winners will be chosen on August 2nd. They are giving away goodies that any teacher would love to have. Make sure to add Teaching Heart Mom and Teaching Heart to your blog roll because by just doing that you get 3 entries into each prize giveaway! Good luck.

**This post took a lot longer to complete because as I was telling you about the giveaways I was trying my best to enter them myself. Now I am going to try to get in the big BONANZA giveaways especially Erica's that is ending TOMORROW!! And remember if you have something you would like to share with me, a comment, freebie or something that I have missed I am always open for ideas. Thanks:) Desiree

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