Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clip Charts

 I don't know if you have noticed but the clip charts have been all the rage this summer. I created one just by using what I had from Word and thought it looked great. But of course as I was blogging this summer I found many more creative clip charts that I wanted to try instead. If you want a themed clip chart to match the theme in your classroom this year, head on over to Grasshopper Learning and she has many themed charts to choose from. And they are there for you to use but make sure you share some love and leave her a comment.
 And I am saddened that I have to say this because as a new blogger who just loves getting materials from other teachers, it needs to be said. Please if you get some of her materials make sure to leave her a comment but do not use her work as your own. She created the materials as a way to be helpful to others and not to have it sold by someone else. So remember if you didn't create it, please don't make money off of it.
 Okay that being said (SORRY), I just hate reading other teacher's posts who have shared their generosity with others to say that they can no longer offer their materials as free or on their blog anymore and you can now find them in their TPT or their Teacher's Notebook stores. Don't get me wrong I love going to their stores and purchasing a few of their materials. But it just saddens me that before they shared their materials freely with others but then something or someone changed that because of greed or misuse and ruined it for teachers like me who would have used their materials for their classroom only and is not out to make a profit from other's creations. So that was my spiel on copyright infringement... on to better things.
**Don't forget the teacher bloggers are having a sale in their TPT stores. Some sales end today while others go on through Saturday. Just check out the stores that you are following to see if they are having a sale of their own. Use the code B1T1S to get an additional discount of 10%.
 Enjoy, Desiree

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