Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lots of Giveaways Part 2!

 So if you have seen my previous posts Bloglovin's is taking over the blogger world! It is a good thing that we have something to fall back on, plus it is so EASY to use. If you haven't checked it out, do so before Google Reader is gone July 1st. *Side note: This sort of reminds me of the rush during Y2K... but really Google Reader will be gone, it says so when you log on to it. For those who have moved over and my new followers, thanks for BLOGLOVIN' :-)
 Anyhoo, I jumped on a few linky parties to celebrate my bloggin' adventure.

 Yesterday from the time I got back from my lunch adventures with Karmen's Kinders, I was clicking on blogs and entering in their giveaways. At the time there were only 101 blogs that I needed to visit (minus mine). So I took on the task (and my Google Chrome tabs did too) of clicking on 6-8 blogs at a time and scrolling up the screen from the bottom until I reached the top. I think I really finished (with maybe two breaks in b/n) around 10pm. I know I didn't give you an exact time frame of when I began but just know it was after 3pm... So anyhoo, I entered in most of the blogs, even though a few linked to "nowhere" land. But for the most part I entered and followed through Bloglovin' and placed blogs into my groups the best I could. My groups are by grade and at the time I did not know what to do with the multi-level blogs, but as I write this post I now have a new group to add: "Multi-Level". What are some of your Bloglovin' groups?

 So if you want to take on the endeavor of entering in giveaways to see what FREE stuff you can win, scroll down and click away. Just remember to not stress yourself out because some blogs have TONS of entry buttons to click on as they are giving you lots of chances to be a WINNER. Think of it that way before you get frustrated on how many times you have to enter in your Bloglovin' name and/or your TPT name. Some blogs have gotten clever with their Rafflecopter questions and I vow to save those ideas for my next giveaway (I think my blogiversary is coming up...I have to check!). GOOD LUCK and have FUN!!
 P.S. If you decide to join the Show Us Some Bloglovin' Giveaway, make sure you share the post (and all the links-get code here) to your blog before going on the giveaway clicking adventure. Many blogs have "Share about this giveaway" as an entry so you can be one step ahead, unlike me who now has to go back and find the last entry I missed due to not having shared before my adventure.

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