Saturday, June 29, 2013

Top Teachers Link Up! That means you!

 I hope you all are well today. I have started to begin my mornings checking in at my Bloglovin' page. And with all the new bloggers I have started to follow my little list of 200 now says 405. That's 405 blog posts that I need to read or in my case "skim". I have been seeing lately a lot of linky parties that other bloggers join like the Five for Five by Doodle Bugs... although it will stop for the month of July. Another one I have seen is "Currently..." I don't quite understand how everyone gets their currently onto the same Currently page... but I guess that is for another time of Technology Exploration.
 One linky party that caught my eye was this one:

 When I first saw it, I thought to myself "oh the linky may not be that long" as I was thinking of the TOP Sellers on TPT. But after another look (today from Lil' Country Librarian) I decided to check it out. And boy was I wrong about the Top Teachers. I'm a Top Teacher and so are you (if you are a TPT seller). My Most Wishlisted Item is: Read the Room with Ding 1 and Ding 2. It is usually all the "rage" during March for Dr. Seuss month. And I love to celebrate Dr. Seuss for the WHOLE month. Check it out if you need something to help you celebrate Dr. Seuss and his wonderful way with words.

 So the reason behind having this linky is for YOU to have an entire list of popular lessons in order to help you be the TOP TEACHER of your classroom for the upcoming school year. I did click on many of the links for my grade level--by the way the lessons are listed with grade levels attached--and found lots of TPT sellers that I hadn't heard of but I am glad that I did. Like Teaching With Sight's Five Senses Graphic Organizers & Writing Prompts. While I was just looking at the preview pages I was thinking to myself that I could probably laminate a few sets, put magnets on them and make it interactive. Or you might find a blogger who you have been following since Day 1, mine is Kinderglynn. I found out about her Success Kits which have tons of differentiated activities and recording sheets to keep your students busy. Plus it is over 350 pages long!! That's a first that I have seen on TPT.

 If you are interested in getting a jump start in making your classroom of students soar this year, click on the above button and explore. Remember to check your TPT product statistics page and you can join in the WISHLIST fun!

 P.S. I found a NEW blog, Learning In Progress, through the Linky Party. Stop by the blog and begin following, make sure to leave a comment and tell you are a new follower. Let's give Learning In Progress a warm welcome. **Plus she is having a giveaway for lucky winner to win her Top Wishlist item.**

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