Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

 I decided to take a break from all things school stuff today... but alas I could not. I had to make sure that I checked in with Clutter-Free Classroom for her Flash Freebie, to check with Joy in the Journey for Teacher Desk Organization Linky (because mine is messy all the time!), and the Facebook Freebies from the 40+ bloggers from Kinderland.

 However, I realized that I forgot to tell you, my followers all about my plans just in case you wanted to check out what I was checking too. Everything will still be free tomorrow except this:

Now if you hurry you can download all 41 FREEBIES before Midnight tonight! I know, I know... sorry! I will do better. If you click on the picture you will begin your journey at Kristen's Kindergarten Facebook page. Make sure LIKE their page before click on Fan Freebie on the 4th tab. When you get there, make sure to Click to get your freebie (then download) and go back to the freebie page and click to "hop" on over to the next page. I just opened a new window for each freebie and hopped on over to the next FB page while the freebie was downloading. You do it however you like. If you do it the click and download method, it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes... if you do it the click and look method, it will just take you longer to get through them all. Remember there are 41 Facebook Pages you need to LIKE and download their freebies.

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