Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reflections from this week!

 This week was the LONGEST week! Why do the admin always wait until we have 1 week before school to start to begin piling us with new changes and procedures we have done several times over. Luckily, they tried to work in only having meetings/ training in the morning... although that is not what happened near the end of the week. One day were were in meetings most of the day except when he pushed the meeting back an hour and lunch... then had the nerve to say that he was NOT going to open the building for those of us who needed to finish!
 I wish I could just go into my room and miraculously unpack and set-up my room without having the stress of finding where things need to go. One day I need to attend some quick fast, unpack teacher training in order to be more organized. Does a training like this exist already?
 So yes, we were able to talk our principal into letting one of his wonderful APs open the building for us today. And she was AWESOME!!! She might have said 10:30-2pm but when 2pm rolled around... she didn't rush us out... she let us FINISH! I think we (me and 3 other teachers) left the building about 4:30 and even then our AP was still in her office working. By then I was done! I even went by and checked on the teachers who were still working, we put up two bulletin boards and fixed a welcome window.
 However, a I write this post I realize that I did not take any pictures of my room. Sorry! Hopefully I will get in early on Tuesday to take pictures of the room before my kinders come. Currently I only have 9 on my roll... however, this will change as our district rezoned schools and many parents did not spend the summer registering their child for school. So as Tuesday is the first day of school, it is also the dreaded CHAOS day of registration!
 How does your FIRST DAY of school look like before you are able to continue with instruction? Are you forced to "climb" around parents who are anxiously waiting the news for what class their child will be in? Or in our case this year, many parents may find out that their child is not supposed to attend our school due to the re-zoning. I just hope and pray that our parents will be patient, kind and bring in all their paperwork in order to help those people who are trying to register their child for school. I pray that we all have a WONDERFUL first day and that everyone is returned home safely.

Now I am on to ENJOY my holiday weekend... and finish up MANY of the last few things I have to get ready for Tuesday. Enjoy!:)

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