Monday, July 25, 2011


As a new blogger I have been trying to figure out this business of a button. It seems as if every blog I go to, their blog has a button which means that this button business cannot be as hard as it looks. Well thankfully to Mrs. Zrihen, who mentioned that my button wasn't downloading, I would have never figured out that my button didn't work. Well I went back to picasa web and my only picture for Kinders on the Block had changed its address. I am serious, the address that was up there was different than the address that I had copied before when it was working before. So how did that happen? How did that address from google just change and I was none the wiser? Well I am back at it for round 2. So if you have grabbed my button and it is no longer working please try to copy the new code into your blog and tell me how it goes. Sorry for your troubles... I am always up for anyone explaining how to keep my button url the same and not have it change on me. Thanks all, Desiree 

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  1. I still haven't figured out that button thing yet!! :(