Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day #5 of Clutter-Free Classroom Linky Party

Day 5 Prompt: Write a letter to the author of the blog you admire. Be sure to include a link to the blog and the reasons why you enjoy reading it. 

-Make sure to stop by to link up for Day 5's prompt. It is really tough to pick just one because all the blogs that I have seen since I first began my journey in June have been amazing and each one has helped me get to where I am now... writing in my own blog. So here goes:

 Dear Leslie of Kindergarten Works,

  I am feel so lucky to have found your blog this summer. It is jam-packed with goodies and excitement that I just feel as if I could burst if I don't read everything you write. You have some AMAZING ideas and activities that I and my kinders will be truly blessed from your generosity. I love your Sing and Spell Sight Word activities and I even snagged the Poetry Notebooks activities when you were having a Christmas in July sale. I feel so pumped when I check into my Google Reader and find a post from you because I know it is always filled with tender goodness. Your blog bubbles over with energy from you and the fact that you love to teach... whether it is kindergartners or big people like me. 
 I will continue to support your efforts in teaching while you continue to help me along the way in the classroom and the blogging world. As long as you continue to share your thoughts, insights and a piece of your creative mind with your followers we will always be there to shower some support on you. 
 Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do. May you have a wonderful summer and spend some time for you because you deserve it. And have a great year with your kindergarteners:) 
   Thanks, Desiree 

**And THANK YOU Littlest Learners at Clutter-Free Classroom for doing this linky party. I have learned a lot about myself this week and was able to learn from many of my fellow colleagues. I had a blast!!

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