Sunday, July 31, 2011

Office Max Teacher Appreciation Day

  This morning I got myself up for the Teacher Appreciation Day over at Office Max to ensure that I got my free tote bag. Of course I go there a few minutes early and already there were people waiting in their cars. Only a few but it was enough to know that I wasn't the only teacher out there trying to feel appreciated. So as the minutes got closer to 11am, the teachers got out of their cars and hovered around the doors... then the rain started. I got out of my car and got into the LINE of teachers. I probably was like the 10th person in line so I knew my tote bag was on the way. When they opened the doors we were lead to a table where we were handed our tote bags with our little treats inside and told that as teachers that "it didn't have to fit into the tote bag for you to get 20% off everything". Woo Hoo!! So I grabbed a cookie and set off to get a basket. I checked out the store paper ads and tried to figure out what I should I get. I didn't really have a plan of action except to get printer ink, which I did and got myself an 8-pack of batteries for my $50 purchase of ink free. So here's what I got

*Buy 2, Get 2 Free Expo Markers: I got 2 8-packs of the skinny markers, a 3-pack of the click-it chisel tip, and a 3-pack of the scented expo markers (which I never knew existed)-- These made me think back to my kids this year because every time they got a hold of an expo marker they kept saying they smelled good and what they smelled like... but they were just the regular ones.:)

*Post-Its 3X3 were on sale for $5 and if you bought 2, you got a fee tote (red with an apple on it)

* Schoolio crayons 2 24-pks for 1 cent a piece (limit 2)

*Composition books for .50 (I know I can get them at Target for .40 but you were only limited to 4)

*Buy 2, Get 2 Free: BIC 2 36 pk pens and 2 5pk plus 5pk free of highlighters (I think the highlighters were the better deal because you got 10 for only $3 or in my case 20 free)

* Office Max 4-pk glue sticks (3) at .50

* Buy 2, Get 1 free: X-9 Copy Paper

*Mr. Sketch 12-pk markers $4.99 (I got have got the 18-pk at 9.99 but I thought the scents would be too new and different for my kinders and I)

*Paper Pro One Hole Punch (Blue) $2.60 (It's supposed to hole punch through 10 sheets of paper, I thought I could try to use it against the index card dividers to make some of the projects I've seen on Pinterest this summer)

** They tend to ring everything up and THEN add the 20% off to everything which essentially makes the deal all the more sweeter. Of course half of these things I did not need but I got anyways because they were new. I've never owed Samba and Ultra Post-It Notes (includes red and purple paper) or Click-It or scented EXPO markers. And of course I just couldn't beat that BIC deal. So my volunteer in my room this year cannot say I don't ever have a pen because there will be TONS of them laying around.
   And in my tote bag
     --Office Max gave us a 2011-2012 monthly planner with monthly coupons to use in the store. And a few sample packages of post-it notes and labels and a box of PAPER CLIPS! Always need those.
     --Fireworks Brite Copy Paper with a rainbow assortment of paper (I haven't counted how many sheets)

So if you decide to go into your Office Max tomorrow make sure to pick up your tote bag. And I don't think you had to get there early because my store still had enough bags to give out to people along the way. Overall I had fun because I not only got snacks, water and pizza during my shopping experience the 20% off everything sweetened the deal!

DON'T FORGET: Teaching Heart Mom and Teaching Heart is still having their Back to School Bash and TODAY is the last day to enter for any of the prizes! So head over there and see which prizes you did not enter for yet.

REMEMBER: The BACK TO SCHOOL sale begins tomorrow through the 4th in some of our favorite teacher bloggers TPT stores... TPT sale is having 10% off plus the bloggers are offering 20% off when you use the code: B1T1S.  You can check out the LONG list of sellers that you can shop in their store for 30% off beginning tomorrow over at First Grade Brain... I'm sure there is more to add to the list. Just check out the seller's you are following to see if any are missed.
Have a great Monday, Desiree:)


  1. All that stuff you got is great! Crayons for a penny.... seriously if I went there I would go crazy.

    Staples has a back to school day too for teachers... but around here there are fights in the parking lot and they run out of things like in 10 minutes. It's fun to go watch just to see teachers fist fight! Haha... I am exaggerating a little but people are still rude because they run out so fast!

  2. Desiree, you won my giveaway! :) Please contact me to claim your DonorsChoose gift card!

    Jennifer @Herding Kats In Kindergarten