Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things to Do

I have a lot of Pringles to eat. I was reminded of the Math/Reading Power Towers game from Teaching by How about them Apples? and Mrs. Gilchrist's Class today. The power towers uses the concept of the cup stacking game and can be used with any skill. Check out the video, teachingtipster which uses the concept of math facts and sight words. Well with my kinders I wouldn't mind trying colors and shapes for the first 9 weeks and maybe even adding in numbers up to 30, then 50, then 100. Head over to Mrs. Gilchrist's class for her FREE labels or you could create some of your own. But currently having these math and reading labels I can print up how many I want... I just have to make sure I have the cans to put the cups in. I am already thinking about using the alphabet and making the upper case letters the one students need to say the sound while they just say the letters for the lower case ones.

Primary Graffiti (Mrs. Saoud) just finished her Data Notebook packet and she wants to share a copy of it with you before the Back to School TPT sale happening on Monday. Head on over to her blog and check out how you can get your hands on the document before it goes on sale!

Speaking of SALE, some Teacher Pay Teachers store bloggers are having a Back to School Sale at their TPT store starting Monday August 1st- August 4th. 

Don't forget to put in the code into TpT!  It's B1T1S

Happy Shopping!

And remember tomorrow is the LAST DAY in July but the first day of the Office Max Teacher Appreciation Sale!! Get there EARLY so you can get your tote in which to fill it with anything you want and get 20% off everything in your tote... I wonder how big it will be?;)
See ya, Desiree

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