Monday, August 29, 2011

I didn't last long today:(

 We got to go into work today from 10-3:30. Well of course I got there later, around 12pm. And I wasn't even there 20 minutes before I tried to hurt myself. I dropped a table on my toe! Ouch I know. I am still feeling the pain now. I am just praying that when I go to the doctor that it won't be bad, I just want to hear "ice it". I have the best team too because the "mommas" of the team made sure to take care of me and that I didn't do anything else to hurt myself. I had to dunk my whole foot into a bucket of ice... COOOOLLD! But once I found a system of making wrapping my foot, I was able to hobble around and try to get some work done. So out of 3 1/2 hours was able to put empty folders into my new portfolio bins, put supplies in my students' table buckets and to hang up 1 bulletin board.
 To me I feel very pitiful. And if we are able to go in tomorrow, I can't be much help to myself with my injured foot... This sets me back so much because I have so much more to do before I would even consider my room complete.
 Oh and my giveaway winners, I will make sure to put your things in the mail this week. I hope the week won't get too crazy but note that I haven't forgotten about you.
 I hope everyone who is currently setting up their classrooms can learn from my "rookie" mistake and protect yourself first over anything in the classroom... This time the score for me is Classroom 1   Desiree 0.
Night, Desiree


  1. Oh you poor thing. Look after yourself ~ I hope you didn't break anything!

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Congrats!!!!! You won my first GIVEAWAY!!!! WooHoo!
    Check out the post -
    A Teacher's Treasure Giveaway!

    Email me your info :)

    A Teacher's Treasure