Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reflection and WINNERS!

 Well after a most exciting day yesterday, we experienced an earthquake right in the middle of new teacher's training. How did everyone else fair? I can't stay up too late, I have to prepare for the next day of training. Yes I said training. I went up to the table yesterday thinking that the staff was going to tell me that I did not need to stay for new teacher training since I am no longer a new teacher. But since I was hired during the new teacher training last year and only stayed for one hour of training, I have to go through the process with everyone else. BUMMER! I just want to get into my room and get this moving process done so I don't have to feel so overwhelmed. Oh and the new teacher coming to our grade just found out this morning (at training) that she was no longer teaching her grade from last year but will be teaching kindergarten. Can you believe it? The morning of new teacher training one of our colleagues (not an administrator from our school) told her where she was going to be. And my kindergarten team knew she was going to be with us in the beginning of July. Wow, what a way to find out huh?
 Have you ever experienced this? Is your school district pretty good about communication with their staff? New things are happening this year so I am sure that this break in communication will change or be fixed... *fingers crossed*.
  I am sure you are wondering about the winners of my giveaway. Not many of you entered... and I am in the celebration mood because it is my BIRTHDAY today. Everyone who entered: Kelly B aka Queen Bee, Jody at Camp Kindergarten, Jennifer @ Herding Kats, B Roper @ Really Roper, Barbara @ Grade ONEderful, and mcgoumar were the only ones to enter my giveaway and good thing you did.
**Sorry I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the screen shot of the numbers. I guess I need to go have more Ladybug Teacher Files' training.**

#1 Grade ONEderful   #2 McGoumar  #3 Jennifer at Herding Kats #4 Kelly B  

CONGRATULATIONS to all my winners. And my last two (Jody and B. Roper) although you did not win the birthday giveaway prizes, please email me so you can get your "secret" prize. Because everyone is a winner in this giveaway.:) Email me your mailing address so I can get prizes out to you. Remember you have until tomorrow (25th) to respond.:) Thanks for joining in my BIRTHDAY celebration!
 I'm not too happy about having to go to new teacher training on my birthday.:(


  1. Oh WOW! THat's very exciting. Thank you Desiree. I've just sent you an email. Have a wonderful birthday!!!
    Grade ONEderful

  2. I'm always amazed at how administrators sometimes share news. I was told I was being bumped to another school infront of the faculty, a week later hired back to a different job, and then again told that I couldn't work there. It worked out great in the end, but it was not my favorite way to find out.

    I'm glad the earthquake didn't cause too much problem for you.