Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Back

My mom and I had a good time in Elizabeth City. We even drove up to the Outer Banks and stuck our toes in the water. And I haven't been up to the Outer Banks since my "beach week", not going to say how long that has been... I will try to insert pictures later.

I am itching to get in my room. I found out from some of my colleagues that we can't technically get into our rooms until next Monday. Ugh!! Frustrating because I have so much to do. And plus I get the county's mandated New Teacher's Training for ALL of next week. But luckily there is a clause that said if I attended the new teacher institute training from last year then I don't HAVE to go. Woo hoo! That is like music to my ears. But I may still go because last year the new teachers got to take their pictures for their id badges and I didn't because I didn't get hired until that Thursday almost the last day of the training. And they took pictures on the first day. So I hope that they will do that this year too and I will get it taken then go work in my room for the rest of the week. And I really wanted a badge... do you know how many stores honor teachers with discounts if they just show their school id? TONS!!! And all year I have been missing these savings. 

Check back tomorrow as I might be posting about my birthday giveaway and linky party.:) Enjoy!


  1. When I first started teaching..........18 years ago! LOL, I had training and I remember feeling so torn! I wanted to learn about new stuff, but I also wanted to get into my classroom. In my opinion-which doesn't matter to the people in charge, it seems they would just go over the most important stuff, then let us go and work. However, in my county, you went through training all year long! Every month we had a meeting on a Saturday morning from like 8-12. We did get a stipend for attending but I also wanted to do what I was supposed to do so I could keep my job! LOL, we've all been there! Good Luck!

  2. Most stores will let you still get your discount if you show them a paycheck stub! Try it! =)