Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Linky Party

It's gonna be my birthday soon and I am celebrating with YOU. Make sure to tune in tomorrow to check out my giveaway. And if you join in my linky party you already have an entry into the giveaway. So since your mind is already on school I wanted some ideas on one of my favorite things to do with your class... FIELD TRIPS.

What are some of the class field trips you enjoy going to? Or what field trips in the past have you gone on? 

Last year was the first time for me to go on so MANY field trips with my class. We literally went on a field trip a month except for September and January. My favorite field trip that we went on last year was to the zoo. I have been to the zoo as a nanny but never to the zoo as a teacher. It was so much fun, the parents took a few kids and I only had 2 with me and we go to take our time exploring the zoo and seeing what we wanted to. Feeding the animals, at our zoo we can feed the giraffes... that is so much fun. 
  So as a start to my birthday celebration... tell me about some of your favorite field trips that you have taken? Maybe even describe the ways that you prepare for a field trip. As a new kindergarten teacher, my field trip experience last year was different than my preschool field trip experiences... as one parent put it "you can't just go on a field trip anymore and just be with YOUR child." And I never looked at it like that I just always thought that if a parent signed up to be a chaperone that that they wouldn't mind hanging out with other kids too. I can't wait to hear about all the trips you guys get to take... it will be like "traveling the world". Don't forget to enter in my giveaway to begin your own "traveling". {You know what I just thought of, what if you could write to the places you are planning to visit (as a class) and they could write back telling the class something that they might see or to look out for when they get there.} Just a thought. Good luck and thanks for celebrating with me! Desiree 


  1. We've been on many different field trips, but my favorite and I think one of the most meaningful trips was when we got to meet our pen pals. We wrote to another first grade class in the county throughout the year. Then in May we took a trip to a park and met them. That was so neat. The kids loved writing the letters and then finding out the kids did exist was awesome! Can't wait to hear about other trips!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this Linky Party! I am a new follower!

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  3. Thanks for the party. My favorite trip ( we only take one per year ) is to an awesome environmental center. We do many many hands on activities.

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