Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oooh Goodies!:)

Okay so I have missed 2 days again of blogging. This time I was dog sitting... who knew dogs were so nosy? Anyway as I finally got back into blogging again I found 2 teacher blogs that are new bloggers with only a few followers like me. Thanks for following me though! So I thought I would tell you about them so you too can check them out, if you haven't already.

Grade ONEderful, cute teacher blog with lots of ideas and thoughts about her favorite grade... FIRST. For all those first grade teachers out there, this could be another blogging colleague. She has also added her game, Double Dice Adding which I even thought of how to tweak it for my kinders. And she is having her FIRST giveaway and although I am not thinking about the October holiday I hope I win the stickers.:)

One Happy Teacher, she is a teacher with wonderful ideas. She even posted her "talk me through it" routines. You know those routines that need to be done daily in your classroom in order for your classroom to really function. Well she has posted it in very good detail and even includes her monthly routines as well. I like this because like many others out there, I am going to try to be MORE organized this school year. Since I am moving into a bigger classroom with more space to "put" things. I want to make sure everything has a place and not clutter up the space. Hmm... that should be my new motto:) Oh and she even posted about her "Think Sheet". It's her classroom management tool which when a student makes a not so good choice after that student has calmed down she will conference with the student and help them complete the sheet. It's a neat sheet... I just wonder how I can fit it into my busy day.

I also found one blog that I now cannot live without because of her generous love of sharing... Cindy's blog In the Teacher's Lounge.

And let me not forget to mention the wonderful giveaways happening this week and share a few freebies I've found:
Camp Kindergarten is celebrating 100 followers with a chance to win one of the 3 Teacher's Notebook items. Giveaway ends August 13th.

How About Them Apples? Hip Hip Hooray she got over 100 followers YAY! Giveaway ends on the 12th.

2nd Grade Shenanigans decided to share her pirate I have game if you missed it on Saturday and an explanation about how she uses money sticks. Money was one of my to do things for this summer... to find other ways to teach my kids money because they all knew how to spend it last year but could not remember what each coin was worth. This year I am on a mission.

Labels for your classroom from Mrs. Wills... if you are still looking for labels like I am you might want to check out these. I think I have downloaded tons of labels this summer but I haven't been able to find the ones that fit with my classroom but I plan on mixing and matching.

Fresh Starts and Big Hearts shared her hoppin learning to count activities. And as my theme for my room is turning into a jungle this will go perfect in one of my math work stations.

Ingles 360 is having a Back to School sale at her Curr-click store, up to 50% off. And if you saw some of her items when she had that big giveaway a few weeks back then you know what she can do. I love her work because it has Spanish too. And last year when we lost our Spanish resource mid-year, my students still wanted Spanish and I did my best to try to incorporate it into some of the things we did for the rest of the year. Oh and while you are over on CurrClick check out some of the other stores because they are having a Back to Homeschool Sale, up to 75% off.

Effective Teaching Articles has shared a great deal of FREE items for back to school.

Little Warriors is having an AMAZING giveaway because it features on of my favorite teacher bloggers, Mrs. Wills'. She is sharing 4 of her wonderful activities for this BIG back to school giveaway. I would love to win any one of these because she is such a talented and creative person. Head on over to Little Warriors and don't miss out on owning some of Mrs. Wills' creativity. There are 5 ways to enter and the giveaway ends August 13th at midnight. And remember to check out Little Warriors blog as she has some great ideas to share, especially her baseball unit.

Mrs. Gilchrist's Class felt creative and made some cute FREE t-shirt designs. Check out her post to download the designs and get creating.:)

Mrs. Magee, First Grade Brain offered her free specials labels over at her TPT store.

Mrs. Freshwater just posted some FREE items in her TPT store, do be sure that if you do download any of her items to follow her store and follow her blog. Enjoy!

And if you are feeling creative you can try your hand at Whisper Phones. Check out Primary Graffiti's post and see if you are feeling the creative bug.:)

Okay so I will leave you to stew on all this wonderful stuff. Just remember when you follow a blog you can always "try" to keep up when them using Google Reader. I say try because as of right now it says I have over 1000+ posts that I need to sift through. I wonder what the TBA Queen of Blogs does to keep up with her 460 blogs she follows. :-/ I might need some help!

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