Sunday, August 7, 2011

You are...

 You are kind. You are gentle. You are a nice person. You continue to do something that most people say they couldn't or wouldn't do. You are funny. You know your smile could light up any child's heart. You pay attention to detail. You are creative. You are skillful. You're happy during the times when most people are sad. You are compassionate. You speak your mind. You are organized. You are patient. You are a good listener. You are a hard-worker. You are successful. You are wonderful.

 I bet you are wondering why I said those things to you. I mean them, from the bottom of my heart, even though I have never seen you and we probably live miles and miles apart. But you deserve to be VALIDATED. You deserve to once in a while hear things about yourself that you might have forgotten. We are going into a new school year and there might be times when you get stressed, worried or just plain frustrated. These are times when we need to pick ourselves up even more.
 So I was on the School Express website, and if you have never been you should go. They have lots of free worksheets and tons of free websites to go to. And you can get a weekly newsletter sent to your email that has free worksheets and even a free unit. Next week's unit is going to be about "money". They don't really specify the grade level until you go to download it and you look at the materials but hey free is free. But as I was on the website something said "We all need to be Enjoy this video as you stand in line to get validated". I clicked on the link because I thought it was something new I needed to do in order to get the free unit but it was something different entirely. It is a video clip/short film called "Validate". So go on, go stand in line and get validated. Enjoy:)


  1. Couldn't stop watching it. That was great! Thanks!!


  2. Wow, I love that validation! That made me feel much better as I head infor my first day of teaching FIRST GRADE! I found out yesterday I was switching grade levels, so I don't feel as prepared as I want to be, but I will get through it!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten