Sunday, August 21, 2011

Teacher Appreciation... and deja vu!

   Yesterday I had all my dates mixed up. I thought I had to get up early to catch the Staples and the Office Depot's Teacher Appreciation Sales. But alas, Staples was the only one having their appreciation period (not day) from 9am-1pm and it was only at select Staples. So while the one by my house was appreciating teachers until 1pm the one in the West End was not. But I took that as a sign to go find out about Office Depot, to even find the one that is closer to my house.
  I did find it, I did notice that there was no Teacher Appreciation stuff going on so I decided to go online and check out what happened to my planning. Well the appreciation stuff will be starting today and the breakfast is scheduled for August 27th. So I now have it all in my calendar and I hope that I will get it right. And what I felt bad about was I was adamant that Office Depot's stuff started yesterday and I sent one of my colleagues out on the wrong day. And when I tried to get in touch with her to tell her of my mistake... I couldn't. So I felt pretty bad but I hope she got my message(s) to start shopping today.
 So let me help you guys learn from my mistakes... check Office Depot online and type in Teacher Appreciation. Then click on "Find My Event" that way you can find out if the store that is nearest you is even having an event and if it is this week. I hope that helps and good luck to you.
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   And today is technically my LAST day of my summer vacation as tomorrow I will be going into my classroom (along with many of my other colleagues) because we couldn't get in any earlier than that. But I am not complaining because as I was reading some other bloggers' posts they noted that they only had 3 days to put their room together before the kids came for open house. WOW!
    That is like deja vu for me last year when I was only able to get into my room the third day after all those meetings and that was only because I was "dipping" out from the professional development sesssions. The first time I stepped foot into my room, I cried because I walked into an empty room with only 1 table, 2 filing cabinets and a teacher's desk. I met up with another teacher who introduced me to the other teachers and helped me to scavenge my current furniture. Then when I was able to spend the whole day in my classroom, I had a visit from the big wigs who said "she has done a good job with what she has but she's going to need more of this, this, and this." Phew without that visit from that big wig I don't think I would have really gotten anything in my classroom. So the higher ups are not only there to push us for performance but there to get us help when we need it. But I did get my room halfway decent in time for the parents and kids to arrive for open house but it was no where finished. And since I had that feeling I think I stayed late everyday during the school year just so I could get a handle on all the stuff that was thrown at me late and I just stuffed in a corner somewhere when the parents and kids came. I am hoping that this will not be the case this year.

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