Monday, August 22, 2011

Before I Forget...

  I just realized something today.I don't think I ever showed you what I received from Oh I absolutely love it and I have already tried to use it. I love and if you have never been then you should go because you can design your own projects or use the templates given to you. I decided to use the templates but add myself to each notebook I bought. I bought my notebooks during one of their many percent off sales, this one happened to be $8 off each notebook. Sweet. Currently they are having a sale of 15% off ALL PRODUCTS so hurry over and see what you can find!!
This is the front of my Kindergarten Rocks notebook that I plan on using as my school notebook. If you click on the picture you can see the way it looked originally. 

Here is the back of my Kindergarten Rocks notebook. On the template it left the back side blank where you could add your own quote. It is hard to read but it says "A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart~Author Unknown". It was one of the quotes I found online. 

Oh and when I saw this notebook I just had to have it even though I didn't know what I was going to use it for. But I did find a use for it... all my Girl Scout stuff I seem to be collecting. Isn't he cute?;)
And these notebooks are AWESOME because they come with DOUBLE inside pockets. And you get to choose whether you want the inside of your notebook to be white or black and I chose black. 

 I also went to my classroom for the first time... even though I have been trying to get in there all summer this was the first time all my stuff was there too. I didn't take any pictures of what it looks like because I didn't really do much, just cleaned. Who knew how dirty a classroom really can get? And since it is my new room I thought a heavy duty clean was in order. Yeah the custodians only mop and wax our floors, maybe clean our windows and doors, bathrooms, but that is it. We have to do all the nook and cranny stuff. 
View to the left of my back door

View from my back door (back to front)

View from the back looking to the right side

Picture of my windows near my back door

View from my front door looking towards the other side of the room. And woo hoo, we get a bathroom in our room. I haven't had one since I student taught in kindergarten (3 years ago).

I will try to add pictures of my room as I get in there on Wednesday and am able to move things around. I felt  overwhelmed today because over break I had planned out where all my furniture was going to go but then when I got in there today I didn't think it all was going to fit plus house all the things I bought too. But when I got home and took the time to work it all out (before my brain exploded) I felt better about my room. And with me trying to put in a math area (last year everything was under a table and I just pulled it out when I needed it) and a reading area (our reading program has TONS of stuff we need to house for the whole year. But I don't know if you noticed but I do have storage on the tops of my cubbies (yay) because the storage at the sink is so tight and nothing big could fit in there. And like I told my colleagues we could always but stuff in the bathroom...

  Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter in my giveaway. Giveaway ends at 10pm EST. Remember to join the linky party, it gives you 2 entries for the giveaway. Share in my love in reading and try to win the prizes. Good luck to you! My hope is to have the winners announced before bed tomorrow but we shall see if it goes into my birthday hours... 
See ya, Desiree 

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  1. Wow, your room looks so big! I can't wait to see pictures of it complete!I love having a bathroom in my room - we are having an addition built on our school and I am trying to convince the principal that kindergarten needs to stay put just because of the bathrooms! The new rooms will be nice I'm sure, but that in-class bathroom frees up so much teaching time!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten