Monday, October 31, 2011

Holly Bloggy Christmas giveaway #2

  Have you signed up for Holly Bloggy Christmas yet? I did and I would really love for you to sign and maybe you might be my secret pal. Entries end today at midnight! Plus make sure you are on the list because Holly Bloggy Christmas is having 9 giveaways, well 8 weekly giveaways now. This next giveaway of Holly Bloggy Christmas is for handmade Christmas cards. Wouldn't that be awesome to be different than all those store bought generic ones? When your family and friends opens mail from you it will be a refreshing surprise this holiday season. So stop on over at Ms. Preppy's blog and enter to win the cards AFTER you sign up on her blog to do Holly Bloggy Christmas. You have to be a participant before you can enter the giveaways!

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