Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 I just wanted to take a moment and say that my kids seem to really enjoy the way groups are set up now. Our 4 stations are pretty quiet and those who should be on the computers during each rotation are learning when they go. Once I start teaching station, this week we were testing for PALS, It is sure to be really quiet at the tables too.
 Do you feel as if you are in too many meetings and you have too much paperwork to do? Do you feel as if you aren't really teaching the kids, just testing them all the time? Well I definitely feel like that. Yesterday I lost my "cool" which isn't like me but I definitely lost it and of course was very apologetic to my teammates who witnessed it. But it is really frustrating to not know our boundaries with our administration and what the protocol is to report a serious incident... it changes every week. I think if I survive this year it will be an act of God because he is really helping me keep it all together, for the most part. But then I think I actually love my job of teaching my class, some of my students need A LOT of help and I just couldn't leave them in the middle of the year. But some things have to change... the first to go would have to be all these meetings. It seems as if we have a staff meeting every week or we have an all call staff meeting during/after dismissal about the minimal things.
 Well I am not going to dwell in it. I just want to get through the year with out anymore mishaps. I am thinking more on the lines of our first field trip today. We are going to the Botanical Gardens for a garden tour. I am excited because it will be our time to see how the kids do before we go to the Pumpkin Patch on Friday. I hope it will be a nice day today too.
 Oh and has everyone signed on to the Holly Bloggy Christmas, the blog world's version of secret Santa? You have until Monday October 31st to get it done. And maybe I might have you for my secret pal:) And they are having their first WEEKLY giveaway which ends Friday October 28th, so make sure you are a participant so you can win the prize! Enjoy!

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