Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

So yesterday was NOT the ideal day for our kindergartners to go to the Pumpkin Patch. All the other grade levels that went before us has BEAUTIFUL field trip days. Well we had a cold, drizzly day... First of all we had to have a consensus on our kindergarten team whether or not we were going to go when we got that squared away then we had to deal with the chaperones. Once they were on board then we could actually get on the bus and get there... I made us late too, we had trouble getting the check written, sorry team!

I don't know about anyone else but the closest pumpkin patch to us is 45-1 hour away. So the kids of course were asking about when we would get there and "are we there yet?" When we did eventually get there we noticed that there were covered hayrides... SCORE! Because at that time it was lightly raining. We got off the bus and had to split our group into two hayrides at two different locations. But that was okay because at least I had all of my students and chaperones with me. Last year I had to split my class and only go with about 9 of my students so we missed the whole class experience.

But this year my kids quickly got off the hayride into a field of pumpkins. However right next to our field was a line of TONS of pumpkins... but we couldn't go there because they were for consumer use only. It kind of bummed us out but we got over it because there was so much to choose from in our current patch. What is it about the kids (kindergarten kids) trying to pick the biggest pumpkin but refusing to carry it? I made sure to tell my students before I let them explore that they would have to pick a pumpkin that fit into their bookbags or that they could carry in their hands. Many of my students picked the biggest one they could find then complained about it being too heavy. Most of them I was able to catch them before heading back onto the hayride so they could get something a big lighter. But I still missed some who complained the whole way back about how heavy it was, but that their mommy said that they should pick a big pumpkin. You know mommy, that is what they did! But couldn't carry it.:(

And our guide was so nice in giving us teachers a vine that hand the pumpkin life cycle on it. Of course the vine didn't make it back in tact but that is okay because I showed my students the little tiny green pumpkin, the medium green/orange pumpkin and our orange flower. Many of my students asked if the green one and the flower were going to grow into an orange pumpkin and I had to tell them that they would not because once you take them out of the ground they no longer have the food they need so they cannot grow any more. So of course they said that we should take it back so they could grow again. How cute is that?

So I learned a few things on this trip... my kids do not go anywhere long distances on a regular basis so I can't wait to we take them to the zoo! Make sure to send out a reminder to parents to please dress their child in warm clothes as we will be having an outdoor field trip. And make sure all chaperones want to attend and do all the planned activities with our group, if not they can definitely stay at school and not try to ruin the trip for the rest of the group. Oh and make sure I take my nausea pill before sitting in the front of the bus on the way back to school on windy, twisty roads... I was so sick and nauseous by the time we got back to school. Yuck! I sat in the back on the way to the patch but didn't think when I was sitting in the front how I would feel.

Overall it was a good field trip... I am exhausted though, 2 field trips in one week! See ya!

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  1. 2 in 1 week??? YIKES!!
    I love you blog and have nominated it for the blog on fire award! Come check out the post and accept your award :)