Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some ramblings

 I thought it was time to post again. It has been over a month since I last posted but not much has happened of course. I am currently on spring break!! Woohoo! I sent an email out to my team last week and was like, when we come back from break it will be 4th 9 weeks! My how has the time flown by this year but for some reason I want it to fly by. I want a do-over for my summer break from last year. This summer break I plan on actually getting off my behind and doing something for myself... unlike last summer were I blogged and copied and blog stalked and copied and saved and downloaded all summer. I guess you can say that my brain and body never left school last year. Not to say there is something wrong with blogging or blog stalking because that is something that I found that I LOVE doing. I think there are healthy ways of doing it and last summer I was on the verge of the unhealthy way. But I do look at all the work that I "collected" and I was able to share so much of it with my team and get them "hooked" on blogging too. I have two of my team members start their own blog and all three of us have start ourselves a store in Teachers Pay Teachers. Do you know how fun that is? 
 I feel like a real high-flying blogger. Oh the joys of meeting up with bloggers that you have been stalking through the year is fun too. I read about the Cali girls and how much they had fun (oh I so miss Cali). I wonder if the Southern bloggers ever thought to meet up (they count Virginia in the South). But I guess since I am such a newbie blogger I can wait some before jumping in on a blogger meetup. I just thought of something if we did have a Southern Blogger meet up, would we be like the Red/Purple hat ladies? They always look so bright and colorful together. Hat colors anyone?
 Okay so I am getting ahead of myself but it is nice to think of other things other than school. Like I just joined the AmFam near my house. My hope is that if I know there is a group fitness class happening that I like, I won't stay at school so late everyday. That is my hope. I just found the line dancing class that happens at 7:30pm on Mondays so at least on Mondays I know I can leave work early... now I need to find something to do to get me out of my room on the other days. I don't mind being in my room because usually I try to clean up from the day and set up for the next. And I have tried to use my Fridays as to plan for the station for the following week. I know Friday is a day that everyone loves to be gone on, so in our building it is pretty quiet when people have left for the weekend so I get so much done. Maybe I should plan for the following week on a Thursday or something... What day of the week do you plan for the next week? I only say Friday because then I can sit back and see what I didn't use and fill in the already copied stuff in for next week before having to go off and find things to fill in the rest. I would love to know when you guys plan for each week. I need to get myself into a new routine and actually act like I have a "life" outside of school. :) 

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  1. I usually plan on Friday afternoon or Saturday. but, I always plan from home, so I can blog stalk and print out all the ideas I find! At one point we were supposed to have our lesson plans for the following week done by Friday, but luckily the principal saw reason and changed it to Mondays. To me I need to wait for at least Friday to see what my kiddos picked up, what we need to review and what I need to find a new way to teach cause they just didn't understand it the first time!

    I have my 4 kids with me after school, they provide my motivation to get out of the classroom early so I don't have to listen to them ask "Can we go home yet?" 50 million times lol! If I didn't have them, I'd probably stay even later every night lol! It is so easy to get sucked into things at work - there's always something to do!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten