Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hurry Up and grab this!!

 So I don't know if you have heard but I have opened up a store over at teachers pay teachers. And I wouldn't have really done it if I had never stumbled upon The 3AM Teacher. Have you heard of her? You should check her out. She offers free graphics sometimes as well as large graphics/borders/accents clip art for you to use to create anything you want for your classroom. Plus if you wanted to sell something she includes the price of your license in whatever you buy from her. So I just bought her Seuss inspired graphics at only $7 for over 100 graphics plus she sent the black and white graphics to my email... all for just $7. So of course I have started to put things together like crazy!!

 Well I was checking out Google Reader (another fav) and The 3AM Teacher made a post celebrating reaching over 300 followers. One day that will be me, I can still hope! She just uploaded her Henkes inspired graphics for FREE on her TPT store. But you can only get them for FREE until MIDNIGHT tonight (SATURDAY MARCH 3rd!!). Click on the link above to visit her post and get her link to her store. So if you were even thinking about trying out creating stuff for your classroom or to sell them but you just haven't been tempted to buy (like me) you can get started on it this weekend. Remember to thank The 3AM Teacher created by Michelle Tsivgadellis when you add any of her graphics to your creations. Just don't re-sell her graphics again... that is a big NO NO in graphics land.

 I'm currently working on 2 3AM Teacher graphics inspirations and I am sure many more will come to mind. I don't have a plethora of ideas like some of my fellow co-workers who are anxious to start creating. I just see something and want to try to re-create it and tweak it to fit me. There is so much to do that many teachers need or want to try, remember one teacher's ideas may be another teacher's treasure.

 So in other words... get to creating!


  1. I am your newest follower. found you on the 3AM Teacher blog. I I've added you to my new blog sidebar of Blogs That Inspire Me! My new blog is I am a first grade teacher and if you see something you like please help me get started with some FOLLOWERS. Thank you so much - I really appreciate it.

  2. Come check out my blog - I just gave you an award!! Thank you for the amazing shout out!!


    The 3AM Teacher

  3. Super cute blog and I am following your new TpT store! Come check my blog out too!
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