Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting back my Blogging MOJO!

  So I will have a bit more time on my hands to blog this summer as I have definitely missed it. As a way to get back into the blogging world I check into what I had missed. Of course I missed some really cool giveaways and missed catching up with others last days. Our kids last day of school was Friday the 15th and we as teachers don't get out until the 19th. I guess it gives us all an extra bit of time to pack up our classroom. See this year will be the first time I pack up my classroom and get to keep the same classroom. Last year my team had to pack like we were moving because we were actually moving... into the main building. But this year, we aren't moving which means that I can pack my stuff into cubbies, which is exciting but it only took me 2 days to realize that I could do that. Before then I was packing like I was moving to another classroom.
  Yesterday felt a bit weird as that is the day I usually gather up materials to write lesson plans. Well I didn't have to create any lesson plans or think of what to teach for the upcoming week, so I decided to catch up on some blogging. During the summer this is a book study I want to try, it is Daily 5 for kindergarten. I have always wondered if we could implement in kindergarten and how is it really done. Now I really want to know if we can implement in a DIBELS classroom or is that just wishful thinking. I do know that I would like to included Word Work and Work on Writing in my stations. I sort of kind of include them but have never called it that before.
  I also found that I had missed Mrs. Lirette's 15 days of K guest blogger freebies post. But when I found it I just had to check it out. And of course if you missed it, click on the link above and be inspired. I haven't made it all the way down to 1 yet but I did stop at the Sight Word Book idea. I tried to do more sight words this year and in the end only a few students remembered them. I want more of my students to remember them.
  I even stumbled upon TWO new bloggers that I hadn't "met" yet. I met Kindergarten Smiles and Sharing Kindergarten both were guest bloggers of Mrs. Lirette's 15 Days of K and have awesome blogs of their own. Plus they are having a giveaway were everybody WINS! Oh I so love these kinds of giveaways.Head on over to Sharing Kindergarten's blog for details on the giveaway. All you have to do is follow both their blogs and stores and fill in your info and email before June 24th and they will email you the freebies on June 25th. Sounds easy enough huh? Well then tell everyone you know who would love to WIN.

 And you know Classroom Freebies and Classroom Freebies TOO can become quite addictive. I just found some free writing paper which helped form the thoughts of actually working on my Work on Writing station for next year. I wish I could be one of those teachers who already have their Back to School activities set and ready to go before leaving school, then I wouldn't feel so pressured at the end of break to get it all done and figured out. I also joined Grade School Giggles as a way to say "thanks" for the writing paper. Oh and check out Fern Smith's Word Family Spelling (Word Work) Lists and Tests... I linked you up to just one but there are MANY more to choose from. I have many ideas on how to work that into my classroom next year, I can so see that being their weekly homework.
 Well I have to stop for now and get to bed. It was definitely fun get back my MOJO! Thanks blog world. Enjoy!


  1. Finding time is just that! I'm forever looking for ways to add more minutes to my day / I could try and sleep less!!! I've been downloading and repurposing Lesson Plans from the TES website which are free by the way!
    Best of luck,

  2. Time is a rarity!!! I've been downloading Lesson Plans from TES and repurposing to match my lessons : )

  3. Finding time is so difficult. I want to blog but then I want/need to spend time with my lil boy. It is hard to manage all of it.


  4. I am having a giveaway for my K-2 journals/portfolio printables! My latest resources is Geometry...would love if you would stop by!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  5. It's so hard to find time anymore! I'm a new follower :)

    Lovin’ Kindergarten