Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep in Mind...Updated!

Keep in Mind the following giveaways happening TODAY ONLY:
There are freebies for non-Hawaii teachers too!
Keep in Mind the following giveaways happening in blogland:
Keep in Mind the following freebies ONLY happening today:
 and Clutter-Free Classroom Flash Freebies

Keep in Mind the linky parties happening this week:

Keep in Mind some tips:
Mrs. Will's Kindergarten on organizing stations
Bunting, Books and Bainbridge tips on Blogging and TPT etiquette (PLEASE READ!!)
     And you have to read the post from Mel (From the Pond/Frog Spot) on organizational colors:
Check out ideas for her Take Home Notes

Keep in Mind the Back to School Sales going on this week at Staples, Office Depot (don't forget to ask what their limit is for Teachers!! The limit printed might only be for parents!)

**I found a new blog who would love for you to stop by: Teaching to Make A Difference Blog

Keep in Mind that today marks one of the last days of summer vacation (truly relaxing) as once August hits I am in full-blown "scramble" mode of preparing for going back to school. Mind you, I don't return until August 26th but each of my days will be spent in workshops (blah!) and printing/laminating and cutting to my eyes pop out! I hope you enjoy your last two days of JULY! And for those who are in school already... breathe... it will all get done in due time.:)


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