Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to school...phooey! No, no we won't go!

"Back to School"... it is that time for some teachers already but not for me yet. But the time is fast approaching. And while it is coming up faster than a speeding train I have found some relief in sight. Giveaways! If you haven't figured it out now, I love giveaways! I love sharing them with you so you have a chance to win. Make sure you check out my Keep in Mind post from yesterday as it has a lot of ongoing giveaways that are still going on this week. Make sure to grab the links for: The Polished Teacher, First Grade a la Carte, The Teaching Tribune (LAST DAY), Jungle Learners, etc. 
Who loves linky parties? How about blog hops? Were you able to catch the Hawaii Blog Hop yesterday? I sort of missed it... but it was still available when I stopped working (trying to organize my files, remember?) at 12am so I took a chance and grabbed some freebies (I made sure to thank them too!) Here are a few more "hops" with my favorites included. Plus, a sale on a few wishlist items.

My friend Karmen from Karmen's Kinders is planning a giveaway. But she needs your help. She is currently taking giveaway donations for her upcoming giveaway bash! Stop on in (click her button) to donate for a fantabulous time!:)

You can find Kindergarten Lifestyle on wordpress... she now has a ".com" coming after her name. Neat!

And look what I found... Enjoy! It seems to fit the occasion and me. I snagged it from Growing Kinders.

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