Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins!

I feel as if I have been blogging all day but really I have just been updating one post. I've also been working on my Liebster Award, that will be posted tomorrow as I am already at the 2 blog posts limit. Anywho, on to my Favorite Pins for this week.

From First Grade Smiles

I might actually get into the spirit of making silhouettes with my kids this year. Every President's Day the teachers around me make their silhouettes and I just admire, because really they just take too much work. But this way (might be costly) I might try it. Thanks Tori Spelling! 

 I am starting to see more and more mustaches around. I was in the Hobby Lobby the other day and they had I Love Mustaches scrapbooking paper. It was neat, I'm not bold enough to have it as a classroom theme yet (check out Kindergarten Smorgasboard to find lots of mustaches) but maybe as a bulletin board.

 Donuts for Dads, a Father's Day Celebration. I am guilty of not honoring the dads like I should. I make these great Mother's Day gifts but when Father's Day rolls around, I am just trying to get packed up and out of school and Father's Day stuff gets pushed to the side. But this is such a cute idea I had to share. Look at those cute Men's shirt & tie paper bags... inside are the donuts for Dad. :)

Don't forget I am still collecting Giveaway Donations until Sunday July 21st. My 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway is set to begin Monday July 22nd! :) Thank you to those who have already contributed, it's set to be a fun time! Remember, I just added a new tab on my blog: Freebie Finds. From now on, that's where I will post the freebies. I added quite a few today! :)

And I leave you with my last favorite pin! Enjoy! :)

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