Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Chance! And BTSS

Today is Friday. The wonderful day we get before the weekend. Today is also the day that I will be choosing who gets to own my newest product: Farm Detective-Sight Words Edition. Just make sure to stop on over to my technology post (you can eve just scroll down if you want as it's a long post) and enter a comment.

Details of how to leave a comment at my post {here}: I will choose a random winner on Friday (about 11pm). Leave your comment with your email and the answer to this question: Name a technology that you use in your classroom but it has to be something that DOES NOT need to be plugged in or hooked to electricity... I will give you a hint, think of materials you already use in your classroom.

Also stop in over at Blog Hoppin' if you haven't already and learn some tricks and tips from other teacher bloggers. I was reading the post and might even change how I do my Fun Friday and collection of their folders. I use chart folders, an idea I learned from Teacher Tipster. I had already planned on my students turning in their folders because they had their pencil pockets to turn in (pencil management). And they would need to have all their work done before they could participate in Fun Friday but now I am trying to figure out if I have too many ideas I want them to use. Idea #1: Incorporate Fun Friday (check--not changing); idea #2: pencil management (check); idea #3: chart folders (worked last year, check); idea #4: gold tags (earn a tag for good behavior, compliments, etc. count them up to figure out order for picking Fun Friday choice...); idea #5: secret walker and certificates (get them here FREE). See that isn't even the rest of the list I want to change. My living room currently still houses my files that I am trying to organize for the school year, that was a new idea. What do you do in the classroom as an incentive for your students?

I feel so out of touch this week, I haven't even checked in with Bloglovin'. I am sure I am missing a TON of new giveaways, my apologies. But don't forget about the Back to School sale over at TPT for 20% off in your shopping cart, so go get some of those things on your wishlist. Plus, some sellers are offering an extra 10% off!
Image by The 3AM Teacher

And if you are in Virginia, check your local OfficeMax for your Teacher Appreciation Event. Mine is August 17th-19th. Stop in to save 25% off the things you need... like me I have been waiting to save on INK!!! If you don't buy anything, just go and get your bag filled with coupons and goodies. Last year I got a planner filled with coupons for the whole year (til July). Check with Staples and OfficeDepot but make sure you have Teacher Rewards! Have fun grabbing your goodies! Enjoy!

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