Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What "technology" do you use? Make sure to comment and enter!

 I want to know what technology you use in your classroom. The technology I am speaking of does not need to be plugged in and is not a computer. If you name your technology and leave your email you have a chance to win my newest product, Farm Detective: Sight Words Edition. Make sure you visit my post {here}.

Yesterday's training led me to visit the session called Make n Take with the Bag Ladies. I had never heard of them and was interested in what I could make that I could use in my classroom. Boy did they squish a lot of projects into a 3-hour session!! Check them out if you want to know how to truly use those extra grocery bags you have lying in your house... other than using them to put kids work in at the end of the school year! They are on Pinterest if you want to check out their projects and click their logo to visit their store.

I was checking in at Blog Hoppin' for Tuesday's topic on Classroom Tours. You should check out those who have linked up and get some good organizational ideas. Or even just some rearranging ideas that might need a change of "scenery" for this upcoming school year. I have not been to my classroom yet... we didn't even know we could go in. But speaking with our awesome school secretary yesterday I found out that I could have been going since the beginning of August. Frustrating, but I couldn't really complain as I am currently in my 2nd workshop of August. So my plan is to visit my classroom next week... hopefully. So I am still in the planning stages of my classroom. I still have some things that I am undecided about (classroom theme, will I do monkeys and/or frogs this year, how many NEW things am I planning to do this year?) So make sure to check out the tour and explore other teacher blogger's classrooms.

I found a few new blogs while classroom touring. Check them out and show them some blogger love by visiting, following and leaving a comment to let them know you are a new follower.
Growing Kidlets
Kinder Colors

It is definitely great to know that your blog posts are at least read by 1 person.:) Thank you to my wonderful followers!

Also make sure to check out the Blog Hoppin' Wednesday post on Organizing for Instruction! This is one area I definitely STRUGGLE with!!!! Make sure to check out Bloglovin' for new posts on giveaways!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out to my blog! I know I just started this adventure, but sometimes I do wonder if only my mom reads my blog! :) Ha, Ha! Either way I am loving it!

    Growing Kidlets