Saturday, July 18, 2015

I missed my blog!

I miss my blog! I have so much time on my hands this summer because I decided to run with my students and BROKE MY LEG! Yes! What a wonderful early summer vacation to have in May! So I have been longing to come back to my blog. I am sure that I have missed my blogiversary but I have to start over from the beginning. It's going to be my goal this year to try to blog more! When school starts I just seem to get too busy and my blog gets put to the background. My colleague Karmen from Tales from a Naturalista Teacha still has time to blog and I don't understand how she finds the time to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and now Periscope! She is a well-rounded blogger!

I miss my blog and my bloggers. I still Pinterest and Facebook and now Periscope which is a pretty scary idea. I don't think I will every do a scope but I like watching everyone else broadcast! I'm a "lurker". I learned the Periscope vocabulary today while watching Lucky Little Learners live broadcast today. And keeping with my theme I am sharing a new collab website for 2nd grade teachers, I Teach Second. If you teach 2nd grade (my principal made some new 2015-16 so we have a new 2nd grade team that has to learn to work together), hop on over to I Teach Second.

I just wanted to say that I didn't forget about my followers, I just went through a blog dry spell. But I do miss my blog! How is everyone? I hope you are well.

Have a great summer day! Enjoy!

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