Thursday, July 23, 2015

My BIGGEST Teacher Mistake!

Okay so I can attest to being a "victim" of the BIGGEST teacher mistake! I have been watching scopes on Periscope (it works best on your iPhone or Android) and I watched one from Hope King at Elementary Shenanigans. LOVE HER!! But her scope was about a mistake she made, yup she's human, that really got her thinking about making plans to correct it.

BIGGEST mistake: Not taking care of ourselves!! Yup, Hope's story was about how she was in her classroom and all of a sudden she couldn't move any part of her body. She had a freak out, called her husband but all the while she was thinking "the kids are coming in a few minutes" or "I've got to make sure that everything is ready, so I've got to be here!" But her body was really telling her nope, you need to take a time out. Anywho, she ended up being out of school for a MONTH with mono! I know it was heartbreaking to hear about such an inspiring teacher missing school because of a sickness. But you know what she learned?? She needed that month to focus on her and get herself better.

So as I am watching her scope, of course I am agreeing with everything that she is saying and thinking aloud too. In my last post I mentioned that I broke my leg during the school year (in May) and I was out of school for the rest of the year. I was scared not about what was wrong with me but about what my kids were thinking and if they were going to be okay, because they watched me fall and get hurt. But in reality, they were fine and the rest of the school year went on without me. Then Hope mentioned how sometimes we miss the signs of our body (or God) telling us that we need to slow down and do things that keep us healthy. I of course agreed with her because I was missing the signs... possible carpal tunnel diagnosis, pain in my hip, pain in my thigh... but I kept going because I thought that my class would not be able to function without me and I had to be there every day to be my very best. Well, spending time on my butt for the last 8 weeks has shown me that this was the WORST of my injuries and how could I have let it get this bad??

So Hope goes on to say that we need to start taking care of ourselves and each other. So she started the Periscope movement of creating ME GOALS. These are goals that are all about you, doing it to help you take your mind off of school and doing something that will make you feel good. She also tagged 3 bloggers to come up with their own Me Goals. I won't tag anyone just because I am just getting back in the swing of blogging again, but if you want to tell me a GOAL OF YOURS I would be love to read them.

My 3 ME goals:
1. Have prayer or do a devotional at the beginning of my day. (I haven't done this since college, maybe that's why I missed all the signs!!)
2. Walk more (not run... that's how I got my leg broken in the first place)
3. Leave school before 5pm. (Yes it's a ME goal because I will stay until 7pm M-F doing school work!!)

So tell me a GOAL or 3 that you would like to do take better care of yourself or something that you "fell" out of love with and want to get back to doing it because it made you HAPPY. See, that is the point of these ME GOALS... to make sure you have an outlet for happiness other than being at school and teaching kids.

**Writing this post really helped to lift my spirits as I was kind of down after my doctor's appointment today when my doc mentioned that I may miss the first TWO weeks of school (I'm not walking yet!) :-( But thinking of my ME GOALS and Hope King's scope really helped me to turn that "frown" upside down!**

Enjoy! Desiree


  1. Great post! I too am beginning to realize (12 years later) how important it really is to take care of myself. Hard lesson for me? That my kiddos really will be fine if I am not there. Here are my 3 GOALS...1.) Continue prayer each morning and quiet reflection. 2.) Leave by 4:00; whatever it is will still be there tomorrow. 3.) Get back to exercising regularly, eating more regular and healthy (hence leaving at 4) . Here's to a great year!

    1. Thanks for commenting... You have great goals! It's always great to exercise and eat healthy, that is a real struggle for me (fast food is my vice!). I hope you have a great year too!