Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blogland finds and a Peri-"scope"!

Hello everyone,
 I thought I would share this wonderful freebie/idea I found in Blogland. I know many of you have started to put your classrooms back together and some have even started school.. Blah! So I have been pinning away all the wonderful finds and ideas I want to try with my kinders this school year... if I get the chance to greet them in September. :-/
 I was over at Fluttering in First Grade's wonderful blog and I was there following a pin that I got from them a while back and wanted to print it out.

Of course after I printed it out, I made a little detour over to their FREEBIES tab... woohoo jackpot! Well I don't teach 1st but two of my teacher buddies are moving from K to first for next year and I have tried to send them any pins or goodies when I find them. But if you are have a bit of time, especially any time you visit blogs, go through their freebies section and see what you see that you can use in your classroom. Sometimes you will read posts and want to buy the whole bundle and you wouldn't have found it if you hadn't gone exploring. I am "following" a TON of bloggers and I can't always catch up to their blog posts so if I stumble back on to them I try to take a few minutes to "catch up". So here I am catching up to Fluttering in First Grade's December 5th, 2014 blog post. It's a great one called Visual Reminders that Work! I started reading it only because we have the wonderful Whole Brain Teaching trend of reminders and call outs and I am always interested to see what else is out there to capture my kids attention. 

  The post really talked about some of their pet peeves which are mostly mine (or most teachers) peeves too. But I love their explanation of Name-O. How many of your students forget to put their name on their paper?? Pet peeve of mine! So Name-O is where you check to see if the kids remember to put their name on their paper. So the teacher says "Name-O" and if the kids have their name, they say "Yes-O". It is also a reminder to those who forgot to put their name and gives them a chance to put it on. So click on the link or picture so you can go grab your FREEBIES. :)

 So I am excited that now I found some reminders that I will actually get to put what I learned on Periscope today to good use. You all know of Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd? If you haven't heard of her, stop over at her blog. I love Periscope because you can put an actual talking person/face with their blog. I've been following Mrs. Schroeder since my journey as a teacher blogger but Periscope just makes it all real. Anywho, Mrs. Schroeder's scope today was on Enlarging Fonts and Images for Bulletin Boards. Which is an awesome scope and if you missed it, she has a link to it on her blog post. So I am excited to get started "blowing" up things for my classroom. And Mrs. Schroeder is a MAC user so some of the things she shows fits for MAC and I found that my latest and greatest Windows 8 didn't have what she was talking about and I had to go download an older version of Adobe Reader so I could print out in poster size... Fun, fun, fun!

 I'm off to print to my hearts content. Enjoy!

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