Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July

  I just love Christmas. Buying gifts for the family and gifts for those unsuspected visitors. Well this is not that type of Christmas. But it is the gift of giving, discounts that is. Many teachers from Teaching Blog Addicts are having a sale on their Teachers Pay Teachers store. There are over 30 teachers having a sale. And if you haven't been over to Teachers Pay Teachers and gotten yourself a free account, don't hesitate get on over there. And the fun part is that so many teachers have an account that there is many classroom activities and management ideas to choose from. Many are low priced and there are even that are FREE. Yup you read right, colorful and font engrossed activities FREE. I just love skimming the links and trying to find ideas for my kinders for next year. Just keep your wishlist handy if you find that you are adding too many ideas to your cart.
  Click on the link Peace, Love, Learning to find out some of the great sales going on. But remember on some you only have until the end July 18th. Good luck shoppers!

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