Monday, July 18, 2011

Giveaways are Happening!

Okay so I might be breaking some kind of blogging etiquette but technically this is my first post on Monday, after being up way to late into the wee hours of Monday. But I wanted to mention the giveaways happening this week. Not only is it Christmas in July but as bloggers all reach certain milestones in the blogging world they have giveaways. I hope that one day I can do one as well but we shall see. I am going to try to give a rundown of the giveaways happening this week so you can make sure to catch them.
Giveaways ending TODAY so hurry!
Vintage Teacher's giveaway can have 400 winners so make sure that you are one of them. All you have to do is decide which interactive program you want to win, email (use her form) her with your choices and add the company FTC Family of Companies to your FB/Twitter accounts. Good luck and hurry over!

Adventures in Room 129 is having a 300 followers giveaway. There is an opportunity for 3 winners so stop on over and step on it!

First Grade Fanatics is celebrating 400 followers, woo hoo! Head over to their cute blog so you can be one of the 4 to win 1 item from their TpT store.

From 7/19 through 7/22
 Mrs. B, Busy Bee  and Mrs. Bee's Kindergarten are teaming up to give away TONS of goodies ends 7/20

  So Kristen over at Ladybug's Teaching Files is having a giveaway to celebrate 1000 followers. AMAZING! And of course congratulations. Her blog was the first of many blogs that I found on my first "blog stalk". I just happened to be searching the web in June and stumbled upon her blog with the cute graphics, detailed posts and colorful pictures of her classroom that she loves to share. Plus if you need help in the blogging world she is the person to see, check out her Video Tutorials and her Technology Tips for all your blogging questions. Now on to her giveaway... she is offering up 4 different prizes for 4 different winners. So if you need to spruce up your blog, like I do, or you are just looking out to start one then this giveaway is for you. She is offering a few of her blog templates, so go check out Ladybug's Teacher Files, ends 7/20.

Oceans of First Grade is also celebrating 1000 followers, one day... one day. And offering your one item from her TpT store. And if you don't know what TpT is, it is like the best thing since Mailbox magazines except now you get a plethora of ideas, worksheets and activities to use in your classroom. Some are FREE (that's right) and some you could buy under $20 and get probably about 10-15 different activities. It's like the Dollar Tree or the Family Dollar for Teachers. Giveaway ends on July 22nd so hurry over!

So First Grade O.W.L.S is celebrating 100 followers by offering up a $25 gift card. And I know how we all love Target especially the Dollar section. Stop over to the giveaway for your chance at getting some of Target's goodies for you or your kiddos. And not only that you can get something from Mrs. Wills' TpT store too. And if you haven't been to Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten then you should go check her out too. What a wonderful gift. Giveaway ends July 22nd, good luck!

First Grade Splash is celebrating 25 by giving away a $20 gift card to Amazon, wonderful. For a new blogger like me that is really inspiring to celebrate followers. Meaning someone actually reads what your thoughts are, that they are no longer stuck in my head collecting dust.

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business is having a "smelly" giveaway. If you haven't read her post called Teaching Left and Right then you might want to head over there now. I also found that other teachers use the smelly lip gloss for rewards. This year I used the smelly markers and they were like GOLD to my students but I also LOVE this idea too. If you check out the dollar section at Target I found some other smelly flavors to add to my collection. Head over to Mrs. Miner's giveaway so you can start your collection of "yummy" treats.

If you are feeling "wild" head over to Crazy for First Grade's blog. Celebrating over 700 followers with a HUGE giveaway. Make sure to follow all the blogs so you can have a chance to go "wild" this year.

Celebrating 300 followers, Mrs. Saylor's Log is giving away $30 to Doodlebugs Paper. And I have to say I had no idea what was Doodlebugs but now with this giveaway I love all the cutesy ideas. Now would be trying to figure out what to choose... Giveaway ends 7/25th and 5pm.

 Okay so I know that was a lot to take in but hopefully you will come out on the winning side. I'm sure that there are more giveaways going on, this is the world wide web, so if I have missed anyone just let me know and I will make sure to add on to your celebration. Congrats to all who have followers and congrats to the followers for reading their thoughts and taking in their ideas. And remember if you don't have a blog (like I didn't have one until last night) you can still enter the giveaways... don't be discouraged. Good Luck to you all.
 P.S. Can someone tell me how to add blog buttons in my post so that they go straight back to the person's blog? It may look fancy but I just kept adding in the .png file but I want it to link back so HELP. Thanks.



  1. Thanks for following! To create a picture link, all you have to do is click on the picture so it's highlighted, then click the link button, paste the link, and click OK! Sometimes you have to do it twice. Good luck! :)

    Miss B, Busy Bee

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Your blog is cute!