Monday, January 30, 2012

Before De-Cluttering

  So here are the pictures as promised... I know my classroom needs a lot of work. I wish I could just have a organizer consultant with me at all times. One of my co-workers in first grade has another teacher working with her to reorganize things. And you don't realize how much stuff you have until you either have to unpack it at the beginning of the year, you get frustrated and feel the need to clean up (my feelings right now), or when you are packing it all up at the end of the school year.

  I hate that this is the first glimpse into my classroom you get. I wish I could just take you back to the beginning of the school year before I even had students or had to teach any curriculum.

At the front door of my classroom. I put that desk there so I would have somewhere to put the stuff I get from the mailbox... you see how well that is going. 

This is what you see when you come all the way into my classroom. On top of the shelf holds journals and the basket for turn-in work, plus sharp and not sharp pencils, among other things. 

My math area. Well I know it is the math area even though my kids do not. I had it all set up on that shelf on the right. All the math stations materials and their math books... it doesn't even get used unless I am looking for some bear counters or dice. There is just no time to fit in daily stations and try to fit in calendar. Oh and puzzles are housed in the shelf by the computer. 

Carpet area. This is where I do circle time and calendar here. And that table was supposed to be used for the listening area but you see how that is going. 

Bookcase for my students' station work and station folders. Look how my students keep their folders, think it is a learned behavior? Oh and the rainbow cart was supposed to hold literacy station stuff, but it is currently mostly empty.

The red table in front of my desk that just holds what ever. I do have books in the green tub on the table and extra copies of papers (class sets) in the blue tub. The green baskets off to the left is where my students put their folder each morning. 

My teaching table. This actually looks calm compared to how it was looking. It is supposed to be clear everyday so it is ready for the next group to actually do some learning. 

My teacher's desk (I'm starting here first!)

The mess behind a teacher's desk I don't use. Well I use it to store stuff on it and behind it. 

Behind my teaching table

Storage of over the cubbies or even in the cubbies, just clutter, no proper home yet.

I thought to add in a picture of my teacher bag already filled with things. The first week of school I toted that bag back and forth with all this stuff in it. After my shoulder continued to hurt I found some stuff to get rid of... but is it being used properly, not really. 


  1. I am not brave enough to post before pictures lol! Kudos to you for doing so! By the way, I'm tagging you! Come by my blog to see what it's all about!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. I think I love you! I put my desk in a corner and it is a dumping ground....seriously how often do I sit at my desk? I spent time clearing some clutter on Friday after school. I am a work in progress!