Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playing Catch-up

 So I promised myself during this holiday weekend that I would not think about anything school related... and what did I do? Think about school! I was just trying to get myself together after that crazy week which included Valentine's Day, Awards Day and a field trip all in the same week. I do have some pictures to post about my the Valentine exchange. Do you know I love to give presents? And it is always nice to receive some too. I participated in the Christmas exchange... I don't think I posted about my gifts then either. Slacker! But when I saw that we were doing a Valentine's exchange I jumped at the chance to "meet" someone else. Well I received a cool "Love to Teach" bag from my person in CT. I've always wanted to go there.
  I also entered my class into the class valentine exchange. Right after I got the name of the class I was getting really worried about what my class could make that would make this class happy to receive valentine's at all. The class I got was fellow blogger First Grade Blue Skies. I had been following her blog during the summer and all of her cute creations. Me who doesn't do much art/crafty stuff in the classroom because we have no time, how was I going to create something that fit in the lines of a fellow crafty blogger? So needless to say, I struggled to find anything that my kids could create. I even made them peel crayons for one idea but then ended up changing my mind about it. I wonder if I would have been worried about what valentines to make if I had never heard of her blog at all. :-/ But in the end it all worked out and she and her class loved the valentines we created. You can see a picture of them over at her blog First Grade Blue Skies. I will post pictures of what her class sent us soon.
 And thanks to Caitlin and Sarah for hosting the Valentine Exchange. And if they decide to do another exchange make sure to check out the Teacher Blogger Exchange for updates and giveaways too. I was in another world this time and totally missed out on checking for giveaway options.
 This weekend while I was thinking about school I finally got into the creative spirit and started making activities sort of like Kindergarten Crayons (don't have her skills yet), Deanna Jump (nope not yet!), or Deedee Wills (who comes up with amazing activities). I don't quite know what I am doing but I am learning as I go along. Just like I learned how to create my own blog this summer. I think I can learn to create some helpful classroom activities for others. I need to finish reading my Math Work Stations book as I know there may be more ideas in there too. But I just wanted to say I am officially a SELLER on Teachers Pay Teachers. I only have 2 items up but I hope to create more soon. And if you do try something leave me a comment and let me know how it turns out.
 I'm off to bed... I am really going to miss having a long weekend. But on the bright side this is only a 4-day school week and I have my art class to look forward to. :) Have a great week!

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